God Hates Fags: News At Eleven

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One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children’s listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy.

… which I guess pairs nicely with this hideous “OP/ED” on a site that has our pal John Lofton listed as one of the “editors”.

18 thoughts on “God Hates Fags: News At Eleven”

  1. huh. isn’t sufjan stevens a christian? and i like how elton john is listed twice, the second time followed with (really gay!). not to mention that they have “questionable?” after morrissey. right. he MIGHT be gay, but we’re not really sure. i think i’m gonna send them a list.

    fall out boy (they mean falling out of the closet!)
    weird al (another word for weird is queer!)
    dc talk (dc as in ac/dc as in bisexual!)
    the sex pistols (why would a bunch of men want to have sex with pistols? unless it’s a euphemism!)
    kanye west (san francisco is in the west!)
    nerf herder (named after a name from empire strikes back that leia calls han right before she kisses luke, and incest is almost as bad as homosexuality!)
    okay, i’m running out of band names that can be misconstrued as being gay. help?

  2. Ravi Shankar? I Guess that means the George Harrison was one also; but then, the Beatles were an obvious homosexual plot to promote the gay agenda in the popular culture: the long hair alone should have been a strong clue. Hell, their manager was a acknowledged flamer.

  3. John Lofton??? The man who, in an email to me, said that his
    debating skills killed FZ? The twitching little toad that advocates fundamentalist theocracy in America (although he laughed and laughed when Frank brought the subject up. “One example…one example of a fascist theocracy”, he said.).

    His kind is representative of the worst totalitarian scum of history.
    A wheedling, fringoid narcissist whose very existence is PROOF that
    we evolved from monkeys.

    Folks like him need to crawl back under a fucking rock.
    Maybe he just needs someone to SLAP the stupid out of him.

  4. Yes!! Digging deeper at the site you find this:

    “C.H.O.P.S is the powerful new program developed by Christian Youth expert Donnie Davies. C.H.O.P.S stands for CHANGING HOMOSEXUALS into ORDINARY PEOPLE.

    If you have been having feelings that you DO NOT want to have towards people of the same sex as you, then this is the program for you.

    If you’ve been acting on those same feelings, then this is DEFINATELY the program you’ve been looking for.”

    Does this program use DEVICES that might be supplied in a local department store or a local drugstore…?
    I’m afraid to read any further
    chop chop

  5. Where DO these people come from? My best guess would be somewhere in the backwoods of (possibly in around or near Katy) Texas. What to DO with them? I quote the late, great Canadian poet, Irving Layton: “I will piss on them from a great height/May some drops fall on them and make them immortal.”

  6. With all his ridicule of gays (He’s so Gay, Bobby Brown), shouldn’t FZ be on the ‘safe list’ here?

    We could ask…


    BTW, isn’t this scary, a part from funny? I mean, it seems like we are going back to the 50s!!

  8. i don’t know, i see a name like “death cab for cutie” and can’t help thinking that they must be a bunch of raving homos. How about that song “You’re beatiful”? Turd burglar territory. Actually, most pop, rap and rock is gayer than ever. Why? Nobody has the balls to be themselves. Maybe there is nothing in themselves to begin with. And Bono must die.

  9. me-
    agreed on the bono, death cab for cutie, and james blunt issues, but most of your comment paints you as a homophobic fuckwit.
    i believe that you don’t have the balls to be yourself and finally come out of the closet as a hairy asspipe-craving ‘turd burglar’ yourself.
    it’s always those who doth protest too much that are eventually exposed as meth-addled bottoms to some chiseled man-beast of a top (see: ted haggard in colorado springs).
    en garde, me – watch your back…side! the queers are out to get you via shitty pop music!
    btw, are you aware that slayer released a new album in the past year? that alone is enough to cancel out all the limpid pop pap trying to penetrate my thoroughly hetero world.
    get with the straights, fruitcake.

  10. UuuuH,,,,,onanist muck fartsie…..do you really wanna hurt me? , u always miss irony & fall like the cop wanna be that , u are. BTW, uniforms, steroids, macho ramblings, threats are common symbols and parlare of the closet poofter you deny you are. I suppose if FZ wrote Bobby Brown or He’s so gay, that makes him a precious princess like you? That’s your Neanderthal, American Psych. 101 logic, feel welcome to remain faithful to it and your Oprah book of the month membership. You sure spend a lot of time on me, what does that tell you, Suzie?

  11. FLAME!
    Makes a man think things over…
    Lets him loose, hard to swallow…
    Puts you there where things are hollow…

    Is it any wonder?

  12. me – so i ‘spend alot of time on you’, eh?

    well…i guess that makes me a ‘top’ and you a ‘bottom’.


    barry – no.

  13. whatever Suzie, I thought you lived in a “thouroughly hetero world”… Stop listening to slayer and reapply for you GED… they”ll let you pass it after failing 14 consecutive times!

  14. Yes indeedy-o-roo, I sure will be vigilant in my bewaritude when it comes to … to …


    Cole Porter?
    Tegan and Sara?!

    Makes me sort of ill – “love the sinner/hate the sin” – aye & begorrah, sure but Torquemada professed his “love” in the faces of the same poor doomed fuckers he was immolating alive at those trendy Auto-da-fe shindigs … the word i smell is Underwhelmed.

    Uh, & if you kiddies get bored w/ the joyous mutual titillation of yet another gay-slap derby, ya miiiiiiiight consider the following:

    ALL that homophobia BS leads 2 teenagers committing SUICIDE because the sheer Ignint McNugget Factor being spewed all around them kills their spirit … & 2 other “sweet young folks” opting 2 express their coolness by taking a merry jaunt in their jalopy – w/ a living human being dangling from the rear bumper … har-de-fucking-HAR … gives me a mental itch 2 ask a Jeeznis-jerk how they propose 2 “convert” those corpses.

    Jesus’ motto was “love ye one another” … which clearly puts their own messiah smack-dab onto their own HomoAlert List. Ewwwwwww.

    Amen my ass.

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