Margarita Fridays

Rip Rense wrote an interesting account of the “salon evenings” that were held at Zappa’s house near the end of his life, and of how they came to be:

At Gail Zappa’s behest, the blenders roared every Friday evening about 6. In short order, Frank’s staff of invaluable studio wizards and office workers became duly sloshed, and took to verbally slaying the dragons-of-the-week in tones that can be gently described as rollicking. At first, the Boss merely tolerated this; grudgingly accepting it as a necessity for non-workaholics (…) This soon proved problematic. Running leviathan computerized keyboard systems required assistants — assistants who were not snockered — so in time, the labor fiend was forced to observe the Friday breaks.

He actually took a Margarita in hand.

7 thoughts on “Margarita Fridays”

  1. This is a very touching, respectful story that
    completely represents Zappa very honestly.

    I always enjoy reading it.

  2. It hurts me physically to read accounts of FZ’s late years. This story is the most detailed one i have read so far. Looking forward even more to the release of “Dance Me This” with snippets from the famous Johnny Guitar Watson / Huun-Huur-Tu / Chieftains jam session.

  3. This was an AWESOME read. Very well written.. Frank was one of a kind. I sure have missed him over the years. It’s a good feeling to read articles like this. I had often wondered how he had held up during his days with this horrific disease. I hope others will step up and write about their encounters with him. Long may his memory live..

  4. I was downright AGOG when I luckily heard some of that wild Tuvan/Chieftains/Watson/Bozzio thing – it’s sweet indeed. I think we’re missing his voice more & more, at least as much as his dots on paper. This’s really a nice article; oh lordy, the mere image of Zappa dandling a MARGARITA- hoo hoo hoo HOO!

    Yeah. Nice one.

  5. Great stuff. Why did you leave the dairy factory part out of the quote. I guess the truth hurts sometimes. Too bad Uday isn’t still alive… right?

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