6 thoughts on “Googling Zappa”

  1. Well, it is truly bizarre to see the Time archive surrounded by banners for current events, such as the lovely photo of the Tom/Katie offspring.

  2. It’s nice that there is access to a ton of Zappa articles. It sucks that I’ll have to pay a couple of bucks for the text.

    I really enjoy reading about Frank, I always have. When Frank was alive I was voracious.
    I was constantly scanning mags for the latest interviews. I would call 818pumpkin to ask about TV appearances. I really get excited when I come across an interview that I haven’t read.

    But $2.95 or $4.95 for an article? NAH.

  3. I subscribe to Rock’s Back Pages, which is a huge library of all kinds of rock articles from 1964 to now. Tons are added every week, and there’s a generous amount of FZ articles. personally, I dig this type of stuff! I may subscribe to this. It’s like a time capsule. —I always wanted to see the KBSC-TV (Channel 52) daily schedule. (If any Los Angeles-based KUR readers know what I’m talking about, speak up!)

  4. This is cool indeed
    but as to the fee for some of the articles
    What we need is a YouTube type thing
    where its all free.

    I know what I’ll be doing this weekend

  5. Hey Barry,
    thanks a lot for this link.
    Great source to have fun!
    I’ve viewed yesterday on yourtube an interview from the smoke on the water area, very interesting
    maybe a new link for yourtube? (Just an idea from me).

    Best Regards
    Frank B.

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