Open Mike Weekend

I’ll be away from the site for most of the weekend enjoying things like sunshine, beer, and actual human interaction — but in the spirit of Web 2.0 I figured: why not let our readers express themselves any which way they want through the comments. The mike mic is open for any and all as of now. Bring on your stories, your pet peeves and poodle adventures, your must-see websites, your hopes and dreams, or lack thereof.

Oh boy, this is an accident waiting to happen, if ever I saw one. La-dee-da.

14 thoughts on “Open Mike Weekend”

  1. From a Mike or Mic debate…

    There once was a poet named Mike.
    When he opened, they said “take a hike”,
    but he was so slick, he renamed himself “Mick”,
    but he spelled it and said it like “Mic”.

  2. Ok!
    So, todat I saw the pixar movie “cars”, and it’s wonderful!

    Malcolm mcnabb is credited in the orchestra!

  3. A Belgian note.

    FZ followers in Belgium? Of course P. Vermeersch projects( Flath Earth Society, amongst others).

    Much earlier: Pazop. Just google pazop and you’ll see.

  4. And yesterday i saw the movie “Volver” from Almodovar, and it rocks. Don’t miss it!

    (Pazop? right on my way to google…)

  5. May I take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate Barry’s devotion to FZ etc. He does a much better job than Gail and the ZFT. For an old cynic like myselfit is very refreshing to find someone so generous and unconditional in his liking for Uncle Frank.

  6. i agree with xorg. even the most mediocre friday download is usually superior to any of the zft ‘joe’s’ discs. and on top of that, barry seems to have a real good sense of humor, unlike the brittle folks over at the zft.

    however, xorg – i need to caution you regarding talking shit about the zft on the kur forum. there are some folks here who are apparently neck deep in gail’s withered nether regions.

    either that, or they’re feverishly beating their meat to dweezil’s infamous playgirl spread.

    anyway – speak softly and carry a big stick, is all i’m saying.

  7. …the old boy never held back his words, nor did he demand you agree with him (he might call you a fool, or worse, if you didn’t, though) i certainly can’t speak for the old boy (he’s dead, anyway, isn’t he) and have little respect for those who think they can; but I do somehow have a strong feeling he’d like it here…

    thanks all…

  8. “Also, a rare video of barry’s activites on saturday nights, which easily explains why he doesn’t post for the week end:”

    Are telling me that Barry goes drinking with a bunch of toothless people, with thick accents?
    ‘Cause that’s what I do on the weekends…
    My rabble is from Kentucky, but still…
    Small world.

  9. Oh, what the funk :

    – will get you 2 the neither-new-nor-improved, electric-eel version of my personal vendetta against music, culture, the arts & that other fun stuff … hemhorrage-inducingly ugly, yet clocks in under 3 minutes; dag nabbit, i just plain can’t get m’other superdupersized (& yes, even Nastier ) micro-opuses up due 2 their space-quota … sigh.

    ps} if you liked this, you may want 2 try:
    *Happy Flowers
    *Little Fyodor
    *Your local Pulp-Mill during their “busy-season”

  10. August 31, 2006

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