Wherein Barry Goes To Vorst

For those interested, you can find my review of yesterday’s ZPZ in Brussels right over here. Apart from the music, a couple of notes:

  • For anyone outside of Brussels, Vorst Nationaal is insanely hard to find. I mean, we’d gone to mappy.com, printed out the itinerary, followed all the directions, and still managed to get lost somewhere between Etterbeek and the Montgomery Tunnel. In the center of Brussels: not a single sign saying “this way to Vorst”. Argh.
  • Getting out of Vorst at 1:30am: ditto. Times two.
  • It was cool to meet a couple of KUR-readers. Hi Vrnzr, hi Bert, hi Matias!
  • You there who made me drop my freshly purchased beer on the floor during intermission: you owe me 3 euro.
  • Dr Sharl is convinced that Napoleon M Brock blew her a kiss at the end of the concert. If anyone present at the show can corroborate this, I would like to hear from you!

Here’s a couple of pictures we took (click to enlarge). Pardon The Crappinessâ„¢ but our camera was running out of gasoline.

5 thoughts on “Wherein Barry Goes To Vorst”

  1. Been there, seen and heard it.
    – Vorst Nat. is very easy to find. It is located ( simple) in Vorst. You just take the avenue ( Van Volxem) beside the Brussels Midi Railway Station. The ” Concert Hall” an awful concrete bunker VN ( “ugly fucking building”, said FZ when he played there way back in the old days)is just two kilometers furtherin the same street.
    – Who did I meet over there?
    Mostly males ( 85 – 90% , my guess). FZ was rather macho, indeed. Relatively old males, from FZ times.
    Who else? Comedians ( Kleymans) , musicians ( J. Bleaute), Writers ( M. De Bel , youth litterature). People from contemporary “classical ” music : no, what a shame for them.
    And I met old friends, an awful lot. They’ve gone really fat, drive Mercedesses, BMW’s. I told myself : OK, you’re not at all fat and you drive a Saab.
    Do I grow old notwithstanding my constantly innovative mind? I guess so. Let’s pretend that ” others ” were to blame, always easy an easy ” excuse”. Others : quite a lot of musical sophistication got lost as a result of (1) the building, (2) the ways too high volume of the music ( I still experience noise in my ears). This concert was about Music ( not that much about Humour). The musical conditions could have been much better in Brussels, we badly need a huge new concert hall with good acoustics ( It’s in the making, by the way).

  2. Who never got lost using mappy.com ? We always do over there in Paris suburbs :) Will not be late for the show here next week though!

  3. I was checking youtube to see whether someone post a video of the concert, but maybe its too soon or maybe no one did, but I couldn’t find anything.
    Good idea taking pictures of the show!!

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