The Lost Tour

From AlterDudes (a site well worth keeping an eye on, methinks), an interview with Frank Zappa in Electronic Musician, dated September ’86:

EM: What about live performances? Would you go out with the Synclavier?
FZ: I’ve been trying to figure out whether it’s practical. I’ve talked to an agent about it and discussed the possibility of a tour in the fall, but without a major advertising campaign to create an interest for what the machine can do or what I’m doing with it, I doubt whether a tour like that would attract much attention. I’m certainly not going out and playing “Dinah Mo Hum ” or the rest of that stuff anymore because that’s like–what?–that’s a million years ago.

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  1. Oh yes he did, Balint. Leery of it to be sure, but an intense interest in the Biz. He didn’t get fed up with it all until he was shown what computers could do to it…

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