3 thoughts on “Todo Bien”

  1. …glad to hear you made it safely without plane skidding off the end of snowy runway. It’s f-ing cold here, but it’s a dry cold. I’m chillin’ – so to speak…

    …everybody, remain calmmmmm…zzzzzz…

  2. Argentina, huh? Sounds nice.

    Here in Pennsylvania it snowed like a BASTARD last night. I drank some beer and watched it.
    It was great.

    Hey, it’s no BUENOS AIRES, but WTF?
    Que vayan todos a la ruina!
    Me entiendes, Mendez?

  3. hey! it wasn’t a hideously configurated pc.
    well, maybe the keyboard has a bit of a complication but trust your fingers, not your eyes (who’d say that qwerty wasn’t a standard in Belgium anyway?)

    the airco switch doesn’t exist (so to speak), pay attention to the remote control atop the tv in the room. the equipment should expel enough cold air as to freeze your trousers, wherever they may be ;)

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