About Time YOU Had A Dot Com

Dreamhost, the people that have been hosting KUR for almost 4 years now, have given me a $10 gift certificate that I can either apply on my own account or give out to someone else.
If anyone’s interested to sign up with Dreamhost using this $10 discount (and I can think of a couple, ahem), just drop me a note and we’ll work something out.

You’d think there’s a catch but really there isn’t. Their hosting rocks, their tech support is superb, they keep adding features, disc space and bandwidth to the point where it’s borderline absurd — all that starting at $7,95/month. So there you go. First come, first served.

Update: The gift certificate has been claimed. :)

4 thoughts on “About Time YOU Had A Dot Com”

  1. hey concuñado!

    thanks for the offering but I think I’ll pass for now. I’m still trying to figure out what’s my possition about having my own blog and what stuff it’s worth posting (or saying) what isn’t.

    guess I’m a kind of frustrated writer waiting for the ideas to hit him in the head.

    btw: there’s a book waiting for you here, hope you like it, we thought of you when we bought it.

    thank you very very very much indeed!

    nos vemos en diciembre!

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