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  1. :: Number of books on shelf?
    Around 100, although some of my shelves are not with me at present.

    :: Last book purchased?
    “Feu Vert pour le permis de conduire” (Green light to the driver’s license). Yes, indeed, i’m trying to get a driver’s license if possible :-).

    :: Book I’m reading right now?
    “El inventor de juegos” by Pablo de Santis. This is very good Argentine writer and, though this book is for young readers i’m enjoying it the same way as i enjoyed some of his novels “for adults”.

    :: Last five books read?
    – The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown)
    – The R. Crumb Handbook (Robert Crumb, Pete Poplaski)
    – Groucho and Me (Groucho Marx)
    – Food of The Gods (Terence Mc Kenna)
    – The Groucho Letters (letters to and from Groucho Marx)

    :: Passing the torch to?
    George W. Bush
    Johnny Dang
    Barbra Streisand

    So far, nobody else from this list seems to be infected :-)

  2. Seeing you asked: FROM TRENCH AND TURRET: Royal Marines Letters and Diaries 1914-1918.

  3. Just took the last two weeks to read all of the current Harry Potter series (1 – 6); I thoroughly enjoyed them!

  4. Are you telling me it took you a mere two weeks to read through Harry Potter 1 through 6? That would explain your recent absence at TBN! “Whoohow” as they say in certain western parts of Belgium. Have to say the HP movies I’ve seen so far have been mediocre at best. Maybe the books are better?

    As for me, my latest book purchases have been:
    – Patrick Süskind – The Perfume (had read it before, must MUST reread it – that goes for you too!)
    – William Wharton – Birdy (the movie’s great, but ahem, the book is better)

  5. I’ve just finished a book of a hungarian writer JenÅ‘ RejtÅ‘ (also known as “P. Howard”) called “The blonde hurricane”. It is – in a way – really close to the Da Vinci Code, but instead of saving the world or trying to be serious it’s really funny – well, Mr. RejtÅ‘ was a kind of humorist. So its also a kind of thriller, we have here a young girl, too, and a professor, we don’t have a Holy Grail but “only” a diamond, and a long-long journey from England to the Sahara crossing France – in 2-3 days only, of course, and everything solved right in the last minutes, with a lot of accidents and luck.
    Great story, real fun – I could imagine that with Audrey Tatou. It was written in circa 1935.

  6. Well, they’re a little formulaic – but that’s understandable as it is a series. I find them pretty well crafted, however – and Rowlings can be quite funny (like the muppets, directed at kids, has certain levels of adult humor; so too the HP books). There’s generally a twist or two that you truly don’t expect.
    I do recommend them; it’s a fun read.
    And no, the movies really don’t do the books justice. The LOTR movies were pretty good – but not as good as Tolkien…
    And I’ve given up on ever seeing a movie based on a Stephen King book that compares.

  7. Has Sharl turned you on to Confederacy of Dunces yet?
    There’s a book I’ve re-read at least 6 times – and thoroughly enjoyed every read-through…

  8. I tried already! But we couldn’t find a copy in English yet, around here. Coming to think of it, maybe there’s one in Flemish, in the library. That should work for Barry…

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