7 thoughts on “Postponed?”

  1. If he be lecturning in college surely he should know how to work an apostrophe? “Zappa’s” indeed!

  2. >put all their s*#% together

    Perhaps his keyboard is broken. What the fuck is “s*#%”?

    Check out the bio and disco at…


    …it seems he recorded ten albums with Zappa and wrote 200 Motels all by himself.

    Did we know that one of them (I think it is Kaylan) is related (cousins?) to Herb Cohen?

  3. Who knows what the chumps at ZFT are up to? They couldn’t organise a piss up at a brewery. The link at zappa.com to the tour details doesn’t work…Meanwhile, the Royal Albert Hall is still selling tickets for 2 November and their website says Flo & Eddie are in the band. And check out the link at zappa.hu to an interview with the Famous Joe Travers. For a so-called ‘Vaultmeister’ he seems particularly ignorant!

  4. Actually, his discography is pretty specific. It says:

    “all credits are for vocals
    unless otherwise noted”

    I agree about the ZFT, I don’t know why things are so difficult for them. Sure its hard to pull off a big tour with big names, but details for a fall tour should have been finalized WAY before now.

  5. Does this postponement also mean further postponement of Trance-Fusion? Hope not.

    Based on the Joe Travers interview, it seems odd that ZFT would consider such an ambitious and COSTLY bunch of shows. It seems certain to lose money (am I wrong here?), yet Joe says the Roxy DVD is on the shelf until they get enough money to do it right. Seems self defeating.

    I’m no Adam Smith or John Maynard Keynes – what do you guys think?

  6. As he was dying, Frank managed to complete a number of albums Trance-Fusion, The Rage and The Fury and Dance Me This. It’s been more than a decade since Frank died, the ZFT still has not released them, probably because it involves complecated things like having artwork done. Remember Frank saying he wanted Gail to get out of the record industry? In retrospect, he must have said it out of compassion with the record industry.

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