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Peter (of United Mutations fame) just wrote me an email in which he makes an interesting proposal: “I like the Uncle Beat idea, but I’m allergic to compressed music, so here’s what I suggest: If you can create a relative to Uncle Beat, for lossless music sharing only, I will take part in this. (read: I will start a vine a month)”
Well how could I be against such an excellent proposition! What say ye Brethren of the Great Moustachio’d One?

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  1. Interesting proposition. I’ll be looking forward to further details. (Is this just another stupid post to sneak in a reference to chicken?)

  2. Bob: it is written (on whatever it is that we write upon outhere) that references to chicken must only crop up from the fifth comment onward. Patience my friend…

  3. Well, it would be very nice – but this way there’s nothing I can offer, I don’t have any “lossless” stuff. Are there lots of guys having shows on CDs? Or will it be only 1-2 guys offering and a loooong queue waiting for and getting stuff?

  4. Personally I think the whole “lossless or nothing” attitude is silly. There is no such thing as “lossless” copying. Some formats compress (ie-delete info) less than others, yes, but there is always loss if you want to measure in the ultra-minute, which is the only way to accurately say that mp3 files lose too much information to reproduce the original accurately, which is only true if A: you rip at a bitrate lower than 192Kbps, or B: you have the hearing of a dog.

  5. Not against this but I get baffled by this lossless stuff. If someone can explain (slowly)how it works then who knows?
    All the stuff I have is on mp3 and seems ok to me.

  6. We should respect the fact that Peter prefers lossless stuff. Some Zappa affecionados prefer whole shows in one large file, other prefer cut songs.

    From the comments I gather that offerings through the son of Uncle Beat (the lossless vines) will be somewhat limited because less people have the same preferences as Peter.

    The way Uncle Beat is currently running is that some people offer stuff, those that are interested join, those that don’t don’t.

    So why can’t we try lossless vines? If Peter remains the sole provider of lossless shows with nobdy pitching in (because nobody owns lossless stuff or other reasons), he still can decide to call it quits. When it turns out there are more lossless freaks (no offence) offering, the show can go on

  7. Lossless, schmossless. Errm. You’re talking about bootleg recordings aren’t you, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get many recordings of a high technical quality anyway – for that you’ll have to rely on the famous Joe Travers…

  8. From forum:

    Thanks for your encouragement. Joe and I are working on the new series for Vaulternative Records, as in the next one up after Joe’s Corsage. And just so you know I have waited 10 Fucking Years to OPEN THE VAULT – and Joe has been archiving all this time. MUSIC IS THE BEST, gz

    If that’s really you, babe, so have we, and who the fuck is Joe?;action=display;num=1087440895;start=1#1

  9. Joe is a chicken’s hairdresser; he likes people who write to him at his hair-saloon “The Vault”. Although his short answers are “Not at the moment”, “No” and “I don’t know” (For more information, ask Balint.)
    Wait a second, you should know by now, if you are The Real GZ (?)…

  10. “Lossless” is an ironic word when juxtaposed with the haphazard present condition (not to mention the “fuchum”) of the Vault.

  11. “I have waited 10 Fucking Years to OPEN THE VAULT – and Joe has been archiving all this time. MUSIC IS THE BEST, gz”……….

    i have no reason to doubt that was gail, she dropped in on the zappa forum a couple of nights ago…i’m not sure what to make of the comment about 10 fucking years, but it also sounds promising…here’s another post by gail on a thread we were discussing the early instrumental version of conehead: ……….

    “I just thought I’d drop in and noticed your distress and thought you’d like to know that this version of Conehead was mixed in 4-channel by FZ and might just find its way into the very project we are working on at this exact moment – in the other room! gz…” ………….

    here’s another gail post on a thread whinging about why fz is not on itunes:….

    “Before the year is out FZ’s Music will be available on iTunes & yes, it does matter to us that it is not available globally and that while it is a great thing to be able to find almost anything it has unfortunately given new meaning to the concept “I got it for a song” – which always meant cheap and now, for the artist, cheaper still. That being said, we will be releasing in iTunes, on cd, on sacd, in dts, and vinyl. Some projects will be limited to only one format – others, across several. …gz” . ………

    as far to lossless or not to lossless….someone will eventuallty convert them to mp3 anyway

  12. As always, it appears GZ has some rather ambitious plans. Did she happen to mention how progress toward actually delivering will be measured? Will Joe’s “archiving” progress be measured?

  13. Here’s a copy of the notice emailed today from ZFT:

    Do you hear that sound?

    That is the Vault door opening on a whole bunch more exciting new opportunities to experience The Magic. We know you think you have heard that noise before, but what is different about today is that the eons have closed in some irresolute domains thereby unleashing other highly ambient ones. What this means to you is that until we have the answer to the ultimate question which is:
    we are going to distract you with a whole lot of other stuff that true dreams are also made out of.

    Coming right up in June (not to be interfered or confused with our schedulement of a petite Wazoo outbreak in July) to your very doorstep is the First in a bold, new, Series created at UMRK by your friendly neighborhood Vaultmeister.

    This is Clue #1. This is a link to a picture of FZ circa 1965

    And this can be in your mailbox soon. It will be completely surrounded by music.


    The Barfies

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