Questions, questions…

Your questions by email answered:
1) No: I’m not being sued by the ZFT.
2) No: my lack of posting is not because I’m about to give up on HP
3) Yes: Insane work schedules have started to keep me from updating HP on a daily basis
4) Yes: My mail account has, for some reason, started to refuse Replying (working on it)
5) Yes: That makes me mad. (working on it)
6) Guac, Bertanya and Error500 will post in the mean time
7) I’ll be back!

9 thoughts on “Questions, questions…”

  1. OK, Ahnold.

    Oh, and another question. When you and that boney wife of yours screw, who is on top, or perhaps there is another position you and she prefer?

  2. Sorry Barry, but can’t post HP whilst access to the “mt/cgi” pages is denied.
    Glad to hear that ZFT ain’t sueing your ass (yet !).

  3. C’mon, Barry, tell us the truth: you spend too much time bonding…There must be some therapy for that. Don’t worry. I’ll search on the internet!

  4. Will someone please give Ahnold’s wife some coupons to McDonald’s? That boney bitch is scaring me, and it’s not even Halloween yet. I hope she will never make an appearance on the “Dining With Dweez and Squeez Hour”!

  5. Good evening and welcome to tonight’s “Trying to Understand What The Hell Bob Is On About This Time”. Well this time folks, Bob spotted item 7) in the list and figured he’d go off on a rant about Pam Shriver. Coming soon: “Why did Bob omit his “Dweez & Ahmet” posts over at the KUR forums?” Oh the anticipation! Stay tuned…

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