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  1. Hey Barry–I hate to be a pain in the ass but every tune comes up as “HTML Document” when I try to save it–“hotcha_page_not_found”– Is everything okay over there? Hahahaha!! Thanks for all the boots–I hope you can remedy this situation asap!!!!

  2. This only contains one side of the original CRUSH ALL BOXES test pressing. The rest of the tracks are studio out-takes. Where are the other 7 tracks?

  3. Hey, this is NOT the Chrus All Boxes LP, this is the Mystery Box version – it’s tracklist IS on Zappa Patio – just check it out! I happen to have the “Original” – much better! These are outtakes from rehearsals (half of it), and OK, some from the LP itself.

  4. I had a feeling there was something fishy about this tracklist, so I asked Gilles about it, prior to making it available here. He was under the impression that it was sort of a hacked together version of CAB. Anyway, I think this version’s got some nice tunes. Don’t have a cow man! ;-)

  5. Here’s what Sofa mailed me: “It appears to me that this is a cobbled copy of the CAB from the Mystery Box. The track list follows perfectly until “Falling in Love…”, where it reverts to side two of the vinyl. “Falling in Love…” is tagged on the end. So, even tho` this isn`t the CAB that most people recognize, it most likely IS the CAB from the Mystery Box. Give a listen to tracks 2-6. If they sound like a rehearsal with a drum machine, they`re most
    definetly from the Mystery Box vinyl. If they sound like the TTR release, then I`m not sure what you have…

  6. The original Crush All Boxes test pressing has tracks 8 through 11 of Gilles’ version of CAB on side 1, and Society Pages, I’m A Beautiful Guy, Beauty Knows no pain, Charlie’s Enormus Mouth, Any Downers? and Conehead on Side 2. 8 the tracks on Gilles’ version of CAB are Out-takes and rehearsals, and only 4 are from the original Crush All Boxes test pressing. I rest my case.

  7. If someone helps me how to do it, shows me the way, shows me a place, I can share the “original” Crush All Boxes. Write me a letter.

  8. Balint: your offer is much appreciated; but I should be getting a bonafide version of CAB sometime next week. Not that this is going to be the next boot; stay tuned…:-)

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