5 thoughts on “The Submissive Male”

  1. Should every Dominatrix wear the usual corset, high heels leather boots, whip, and the leather mask all the times? Can’t you be a Supremacist Female just wearing slippers and a dressing gown? Forcing your man to watch tv in the couch while eating chips, against his will? Just to change a little bit. I’m tired of clich├ęs!

  2. Elise sutton is dangerous.There are no safety rules on her site other than dont eat poop,and wear gloves when your near poop!A person tied up and left alone can choke to death in 60 seconds(especially if they are excited and prone
    to pant instead of normal breathing)!The district attorney investigating a negligent homicide case
    is not going to accept the female superiority defense!there are many excellent books on fem dom at the bookstore or through greenery press
    all of them with safety rules and a philosophy of
    safe sane and CONSENSUAL!
    While I’m ranting I’d also like to say that I think a person becomes a psychologist to better study
    themselves(physician heal thyself) and her whole
    perspective smacks of a fear of intercourse
    and like it or not ,intercourse is how she got here.
    So make sure your psychologist doesnt have a
    dungeon in her office and have safe fun with D/S

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