Whip It Out?

40 out of 60.
“Well done. We can continue to accept you into our society, since at least you have the means to determine where to go to the bathroom. Well, not counting last Christmas in the parkade of that shopping mall. Yeah, that’s right, we know.”

4 thoughts on “Whip It Out?”

  1. “20 out of 60
    Good lord! You can’t possibly be male! We have monkeys that are better trained at peeing than you are. If, on the obscure off-chance that you ARE male, you need some practice going to the bathroom. Sad, really.”
    I took the test just to see how it feels to pee standing up. You actually scored very well, Tiff! :-)

  2. I scored a miserable 15 out 0f 60 :¬(
    “can’t possibly be male” etc.
    Confirms my long held belief that women are much better at taking the piss.

  3. 50 out of 60…
    And I didn’t want to vote for either option on the last one, so I took what I felt to be the lesser exposure (the one on the far left). Funny how the correct “answer” was none – an option not given.
    So make that a perfect score, thank you.

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