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Some links, sent in by some kind readers:

Zappanale 20 – Highlight: Sheik Yerbouti

Take one Zappa tribute band, Sheik Yerbouti, add three alumni from Zappa’s touring and recording bands – Napoleon Murphy Brock, Denny Walley, and Robert Martin – put them all together on the Zappanale 20 Main Stage, and the result is absolutely, positively, exceptionally gestalt.
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Musicians Play FZ – Part I

Originally conceived as an interruption in the “Son of Tweezer Glint” series for we schmucks who couldn’t make it to Zappanale 20 in Bad Doberan — “Musicians Play FZ – Part I” is the first of a two part series which will run concurrently for the next 4 weeks (my own virtual Zappanale, of sorts, you might say, plucked from my own collection), at which time the “Son of Tweezer Glint” series will resume.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

This mixtape is for Sharleena (get well, soon) and Barry (while not the real Zappanale, there is always next year amigos).

Note: if we are infringing on anyone’s copyright, contact KUR and we’ll remove the offending material.

Message From The Travel Agent

Well, it’s been an interesting week so far. Last Saturday, Sharl had an accident involving a broken thermos and hot boiling water splashing on her chest. The result: rather nasty first and second degree burns and blisters a-go-go.

While she’s been applying salves and compresses and taking medication as prescribed, it became more and more obvious that attending Zappanale was just not a sensible thing to do, given the circumstances. It literally took us until this morning to finally decide, with a heavy heart, to stay home.

To our friends that are in Bad Doberan and who we were looking forward to meeting: have fun! Shit happens — but there will be another time.

Napoleon M. Brock In Der Spiegel

Nice little interview with NMB in der Spiegel where he speaks about touring with Frank Zappa and, of course, Zappanale where he will be performing this weekend. Money quote:

Gail Zappa should recognize that these music enthusiasts, like the initiators of the Zappanale festival in Germany, are not doing this to become millionaires. These friends of Zappa are ensuring that Zappa and his superb work do not fall into oblivion. Anybody playing around with the Zappa logo for T-shirt advertising or toilet seats should be given a warning, I agree. But anybody seriously performing this music should receive backing from the widow. After all, she is earning the performance fees. And her husband collected inspiration from all styles of music and interpreters and was himself a great plagiarist, before making something entirely his own.

Project/Object & Zappanale Fever

Andre Cholmondeley of Project/Object dropped a note announcing the band’s mini August tour in Europe. The gigs are:

  • SAT 08: Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna music bar
  • SUN 09: Eindhoven, Netherlands – Effenaar
  • TUE 11: Laredo, Spain – Polideportivo Municipal Emilio Amavisca
  • THU 13: Berlin, Germany – Dot club
  • FRI 14: Bad Doberan, Germany – Zappanale 20

Go see them if you can!

In other authentically unofficial news, Thomas of Zappanale just announced a surprise addition to this year’s line-up: Discus, an Indonesian band (would you believe!). He writes:

For all of yours who get out of bed early on sunday on August 16th, go and listen to DISCUS from Indonesia. We, or better say them, tried it for years to come over, now it’s gonna be true. Get out of bed and listen to kind of a metal, progrock, Indonesian ethno, zappaesk sound or whatever you want to call it.

And so it’ll be an early rise & shine for Sharl, Lucas and me on that day — because this year we are officially attending Zappanale! 🙂

Zappanale (Then & Now) – Frank Zappa Memorial Pancake Breakfast

The Frank Zappa Memorial Pancake Breakfast, also known as Finnish Zappa Tribute band (featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock and Denny Walley) perform “Montana” at Zappanale 19 in Bad Doberan, Germany, on August 17th, 2008 before an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.
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Zappanale (Then & Now) – Lazuli

Lazuli is a French progressive rock band formed in 1998 in the Alès region in France and consisting of 6 members. Their music is a clever mixture of styles with some unique and unusual instrumentation: Chapman Stick, marimba, vibraphone, percussions, guitars, vocals, etc. as well as a unique instrument created by Claude Leonetti: the “Léode”.

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Zappanale’s Very Special Guest

Bruce Bickford

The Amazing Mr. Bickford is officially confirmed as special guest at Zappanale 20. Bruce will be bringing lots of his work over to Bad Doberan — a unique chance to gaze in awe at his creatures, finally on display at a proper exposition. He’ll also be bringing along his newest film projects.