Zappanale 20 – Highlight: Sheik Yerbouti

Take one Zappa tribute band, Sheik Yerbouti, add three alumni from Zappa’s touring and recording bands – Napoleon Murphy Brock, Denny Walley, and Robert Martin – put them all together on the Zappanale 20 Main Stage, and the result is absolutely, positively, exceptionally gestalt.

Listen and judge for yourself:

City of Tiny Lites
[audio:20091021_10 City Of Tiny Lites.mp3]

Advance Romance
[audio:20091021_11 Advance Romance.mp3]

Thirty Seconds In Memory of Jimmy Carl Black
[audio:20091021_12 Thirty Seconds In Memory of Jimmy Carl Black.mp3]

Aybe Sea
[audio:20091021_13 Aybe Sea.mp3]

Inca Roads
[audio:20091021_14 Inca Roads.mp3]

Bamboozled By Love
[audio:20091021_15 Bamboozled By Love.mp3]

The Evil Prince
[audio:20091021_16 The Evil Prince.mp3]

Po-Jama People
[audio:20091021_17 Po-Jama People.mp3]

Muffin Man
[audio:20091021_20 Muffin Man.mp3]

Sheik Yerbouti:

Jörg Doc Heuser – guitar, vocals
George Rademacher – guitar, vocals
Thomas Jung – keyboards, vocals
Thomas Rath – drums, vocals
Andy Mertens – bass, vocals
Harry Sebel – lead vocals, add. keyboard

special guests:

Napoleon Murphy Brock – vocals, sax
Denny Walley – guitar, vocals
Robert Martin – keyboard, vocals

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