Frank Zappa on KPFA-FM, Los Angeles, circa 1970

I recently came into possession of an audio clip of Frank Zappa as special guest on “The Johnny Otis Show” which ran on KPFA-FM, Los Angeles, circa 1970. During most of hour they spun old records, yet in this clip, a live-in-the-studio performance, Ray Agee is backed by Frank Zappa and Shuggie Otis on guitars. Frank tells a little story to start, then Johnny Otis urges Shuggie to lend Frank a guitar and they launch into an impromptu blues piece. A nice bit of audio history.

Leave Me Alone – Ray Agee, Frank Zappa, Shuggie Otis

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One thought on “Frank Zappa on KPFA-FM, Los Angeles, circa 1970”

  1. That was frickin’ fantastic. I’m sorry it cuts off before we hear some old-school “jugging”! I love the 3 minute mark when Ray momentarily pauses his vocals and Frank goes quickly into solo mode! And on the last minute I swear I hear a riff from a track (perhaps Canard Du Jour) on Shut Up & Play Your Guitar!?

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