Napoleon M. Brock In Der Spiegel

Nice little interview with NMB in der Spiegel where he speaks about touring with Frank Zappa and, of course, Zappanale where he will be performing this weekend. Money quote:

Gail Zappa should recognize that these music enthusiasts, like the initiators of the Zappanale festival in Germany, are not doing this to become millionaires. These friends of Zappa are ensuring that Zappa and his superb work do not fall into oblivion. Anybody playing around with the Zappa logo for T-shirt advertising or toilet seats should be given a warning, I agree. But anybody seriously performing this music should receive backing from the widow. After all, she is earning the performance fees. And her husband collected inspiration from all styles of music and interpreters and was himself a great plagiarist, before making something entirely his own.

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  1. I’ve got a lot of respect for Gail. I don’t agree with everything she and the ZFT/ZPZ expouse, for example I like to see the original members perform FZ’s music, as FZ regarded their individual personalities as well as talents as important. I know there has been bad blood between these parties and that obviously colours her involvement with them. She and the ZFT should have acknowledged the passing of JCB, the closest we got was the Zappa forum, but I’ll stick with her view about the Zappanale until the germans melt down that piece of shit that they call ‘Frank Zappa, a study in bronze’ It is hideous, kitsch and inexcrebly amateur

  2. publish the whole interview,why always the gail do and donts gets boring after a while ! want be long and we have andres opinion on that !
    Oh wait ask the spiegel for permission first pls.
    yepp that thing in germany looks like a 3 day old poopsydoodel made out of limburger warpers

  3. [quote comment=”6962″]publish the whole interview[/quote]

    Napoleon Murphy Brock: In the beginning [other stuff] Frank would have done a song about that.”

    …there you have it!

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