Musicians Play FZ – Part I

Originally conceived as an interruption in the “Son of Tweezer Glint” series for we schmucks who couldn’t make it to Zappanale 20 in Bad Doberan — “Musicians Play FZ – Part I” is the first of a two part series which will run concurrently for the next 4 weeks (my own virtual Zappanale, of sorts, you might say, plucked from my own collection), at which time the “Son of Tweezer Glint” series will resume.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

This mixtape is for Sharleena (get well, soon) and Barry (while not the real Zappanale, there is always next year amigos).

Note: if we are infringing on anyone’s copyright, contact KUR and we’ll remove the offending material.

Author: urbangraffito

I am a writer, editor, publisher, philosopher, and foole (not necessarily in that order). Cultural activist and self-described anarchist.

12 thoughts on “Musicians Play FZ – Part I”

  1. I have heard the Gotan Project version of “Chunga’s Revenge” several times as bumper music on my local NPR station, but never knew who it was. Thanks!

  2. Tank you urbangraffito, I will try to overcome my aversion towards cover bands and listen to it. Actually I know some already, like Duke/Cobham, Simmons, Duke (solo) and some of Band From Utopia. So far for “aversion towards cover bands” from my side.

    Got the picture?

    And Preston´s “Help I´m Iraq” is a cracker! 🙂

  3. [quote comment=”6991″]Sweet mix Urb. Looking forward to Part II :)[/quote]

    Thanks, Barry. You know I always like to leave the best for last. When writing this post, I made a conscious effort to avoid terms like “tribute” or “cover” bands. Firstly, because not all of the musicians in the mix have performed in a Zappa Tribute Band (i.e. Jean-Luc Ponty, George Duke) while others have only periodically performed Zappa’s compositions publicly since his passing (usually by invitation to particular events, and not an ongoing project). Secondly, even those that have, briefly, toured as groups performing primarily Zappa compositions, certainly have the “chops” to perform not just Zappa, but any compositions they choose. To simply refer to them as members of “tribute” or “cover” bands, in my opinion, paints them unfairly with the same brush used to describe bar bands and touring Beatlemania extravaganzas. Let one of them attempt to perform “Dog Meat”, “Envelopes” or “Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown” (it requires a level of musicianship not all musicians are capable of).

  4. [quote post=”2402″]Let one of them attempt to perform “Dog Meat”, “Envelopes” or “Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown” (it requires a level of musicianship not all musicians are capable of).[/quote]

    Much agreed.

    Slightly on-topic, if anyone has ever been to a (don’t laugh) Weird Al concert, you have probably noticed that the guy actually does have some serious musical talent. I really wish he would release an entire album of just his accordion polka extravaganzas (really!)

    However, I was wondering if Al and his band have performed “Genius In France”, the FZ ‘style parody’, in concert. That would truly be a sight to behold.

    For those that somehow missed it, “Genius in France” is a 9-minute song built out of musical bits that are either direct musical quotes from FZ, or at least things that sort of sound FZ-like. Direct quotes include Inca Roads, Dog Breath in the Year of the Plague, and a few others. There are other bits that have a strong whiff of Dirty Love, Frogs With Dirty Little Lips, I’m the Slime, and others.

    You might find it entertaining.

  5. Thanks DOB. I just gave it a listen, no doubt entertaining and surely a tough one to pull off live. Do you think Weird Al was a FZ fan or thought he was a bit full of himself? Probably a little of both I suspect.

  6. Dear Sir or/and Madam,

    We represent the Bálint Family Trust, and hey, we are surprised! 🙂
    (Well, that certain tune after FIDO, “an adult man’s struggle with the six string” looks strangely between these professional musicians – thankls for giving me the hounour. Anyway, for me it was fun – and a half year to get to this point, hehe. Do not judge too strongly. 🙂

  7. The Uncle Remus outtake sounds like some basic tracks of the Apostrophe’ recording have been recycled (or vice versa – depends on the recording date of the basic tracks). Interesting.


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