Porno Soundtracks

What happens if you put three professional musicians in a recording studio and … have them watch porn movies?

While you probably begin imagining strange situations, these guys made it a creative venture. They created a new soundtrack to the 70ties adult movies they were watching – turning off the sound and just letting their instincts come up with vivid musical imaginations. And it worked.

Have a listen.

Amazing Nails

So these days I mostly play the acoustic guitar, and hardly ever use a plectrum at that. Plectrums are for pussies! Fingerpickin’s where it’s at. This is where rudimentary manicure comes into play. As a right-handed player, you’ll want your left hand fingernails to be neatly cut, while your right hand nail-counterparts will need to outgrow their respective finger tops by at least a couple of millimeters. Bit of a chore that. Amazing Nails 4 Guitarists to the rescue! More guitarist fingernails tips available at Music Thing.

Jesus Thinks You’re…

A Guide to Christian Clichés and Phrases:

“He is risen!”
Translation: “It’s Easter! Let’s eat!”
Acceptable Response: “He is risen indeed!”
Unacceptable Response: “Where? I don’t see him.” Or, “Do you have any evidence for that statement?” Or especially, “Like yeast?”

Beard Quest

It would appear I’m not the only one to be experimenting with facial hair. Introducing Jon Dyers Beard Quest:

I’ve been growing a beard every winter for some years now, and every spring, I try to see how many facial hair variations as I can check off from the chart of facial hair types. Listed below are descriptions of the 34 facial hair types from the chart, including examples of the 19 24 variations that I’ve been able to attain so far.

Cool Klingon, dude!