4 thoughts on “Jesus Thinks You’re…”

  1. May God bless the the squint- eyed.

    Happy people as they will happen to see God twice.

  2. Another true one?
    Over here in Europe every now & then we endeavor to know which books happen to be the most valuable, according to popular wisdom.

    It’s about the books you’ve never ever opened, or idscovered.However you have them in your own private library, for sure.

    Result of the latest scientific test:

    1. The Bible. Elementary message or many people: God will save you. Ok, that’s ’bout comfort. You’re not supposed to do anything, it’ll happen. God is above it all. He loves you, he hates you, you ‘ll never know. It’s a tombola. It’s about a human construction above it all;

    2. Don Quiichote , ie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote .

    #2 is a great Spanish human story. ” Don Quixote is the most influential work of literature to emerge from the Spanish Golden Age and perhaps the entire Spanish literary canon.”
    It’s – for those who actually read the book – about something very human: fear. And the next human step, allowing people to take a distance from it : humor.
    He , Don C, combatted windmills ( a “genuine danger”). He combatted sheep herds ” attacking him just like a hostile army”, etc. Yes indeed you laugh yourself to pieces, while understanding the Story. The human way, much bigger than the Gods.

    Just the way we, Humans , are doing it.

    By the way . Just have a look at one of the the FZ biographies , title is ” Electric Don Quichote”. FZ as a humanist.

  3. Why do many preachers (all over the world, but especially in the US and UK) wear dumb-looking hairpieces and then preach against pride?

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