Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Tom Waits On 78 rpm Vinyl

On November 19th, Preservation Hall Recordings will release 504 limited edition hand-numbered 78 rpm vinyl records featuring two tracks by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with very special guest Tom Waits. Proceeds from the sale of this very special project will benefit the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band. You don’t have the … Continue reading “Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Tom Waits On 78 rpm Vinyl”

Tom Waits — Early TV Appearances

In the above clip, Tom Waits appears on Fernwood 2 Night, a parody talk show, hosted by Barth Gimble (Martin Mull) and sidekick/announcer Jerry Hubbard (Fred Willard), created by Norman Lear as a spin-off/summer replacement from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. The show ran from July 4th, 1977 to September 8th, 1977. On it, Waits performs … Continue reading “Tom Waits — Early TV Appearances”

The Tom Waits Book Has Materialized

You’ll remember my going on and on about the Tom Waits book Sharl and I illustrated. Ah, well a couple of days ago we finally got our copy: The front- and back-cover with some of the postcards. Some more postcards. It really turned out to be a wonderful book — great attention to detail, typography, … Continue reading “The Tom Waits Book Has Materialized”

Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos

It took our pal Tommi Brem and his associate Daniel Knapp two years to translate Jay S. Jacob’s Tom Waits biography, “Wild Years: the Music and Myth of Tom Waits”, into German — Tommi at one point likened it to birthing a baby elephant. Now, finally, the book is about to be published and ready … Continue reading “Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos”

Zappa & Mothers TV Special, 1974

On Tuesday afternoon of August 27th, 1974, sometime after 5:30pm, Frank Zappa, George Duke, Chester Thompson, Tom Fowler, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Ruth Underwood took to KCET-TV Channel 28’s Sound Stage B in Culver City, Los Angeles to film a performance for broadcast later that December 8th (and thus becoming the source material for countless … Continue reading “Zappa & Mothers TV Special, 1974”

Musik & Mythos Giveaway!

Update: Contest closed! Winners to be announced shortly — stay tuned… Now that the book is finally up for sale, Sharl and I are giving away: A/ one copy of Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos, the book, along with one set of twelve postcards, and B/ six sets of twelve postcards. Click image to enlarge: … Continue reading “Musik & Mythos Giveaway!”