The Tom Waits Book Has Materialized

You’ll remember my going on and on about the Tom Waits book Sharl and I illustrated. Ah, well a couple of days ago we finally got our copy:

tw 1

The front- and back-cover with some of the postcards.

tw 2

Some more postcards.

It really turned out to be a wonderful book — great attention to detail, typography, paper choice as well as an excellent print job. More, larger pictures are available here. Call me biassed but Sharleena and I are really proud to have been part of this project.

As of now, the book is available for purchase at the publisher’s site for a mere 15 euro. Place your order fast enough, and you’ll get all twelve chapter illustrations in postcard form shipped along for free!

13 thoughts on “The Tom Waits Book Has Materialized”

  1. One question: Who is Tom Waits? I looked at the close-up views of your work and I get the impression, that you know what youยดre doing. Lots of talent in the both of you and no brownnosing from my side ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Bring this man a Pepsi!

    Tom is storied, true American Talent…
    He is worth checking out – a coupla times.

    If I had to stick him in a “class”, I’d call Tom storyteller/songwriter (in a vein not dissimilar to Guthrie, Dylan, or Springsteen), influenced by “Tin-Pan Alley”, but with a “style” hard to pinpoint. Much like our hero, Tom has a lot of musical influences from which he borrows, but only to fit HIS muse – which invariably comes off as unique.

    One of those “love him or hate him” kinda guys – like our hero. But also like our hero, if you dig deep enough into his canon, you’re likely to find something that appeals to you…
    Or not.
    Whatever, I love Tom Waits!

    Congrats to Barry & Sharl – you guys did REAL good!

  3. (Not bothering to retype the lovin’ dissertation I somehow managed to love up)
    Get this man a Pepsi!

    Tom Waits is worth checking out – a coupla times.

    Congrats Barry & Sharl! You guys did GOOD…

  4. [quote comment=”4593″](Not bothering to retype the lovin’ dissertation I somehow managed to love up)[/quote]
    Your comment got thrown in the spam bucket for some reason. Fished it out just now ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I think you’re right on Tom Waits: some of his stuff I really like, other stuff I just can’t seem to “get” — yet

  5. My question above supposed to be a joke, my fellow friends. Will I explain it to you? Does humor belong in writing?

  6. [quote comment=”4596″]My question above supposed to be a joke, my fellow friends. Will I explain it to you? Does humor belong in writing?[/quote]

    I got it, Roland.

    Asking who Tom Waits is like asking who Obama is. Or Jesus Christ. Or Frank Zappa.

    Sometimes humour gets lost, especially in a text-based format. What one thinks is funny, or humorous in one’s head, doesn’t always translate into the written word (which is both the strength and the weakness of the weblog format). Past experience has taught me to be careful and succinct with my words. The whole point is to be understood, right?

  7. Thank you, urbangrafitto – at least one soul out there. And you are – oh so – right about the format, we are dealing with. And talking about it: The comment about “Netiquette” on the KUR site is quite helpfull and good. Especially after the tide which was growing here. Good step.

    I am having a Pepsi now.

  8. [quote comment=”4607″][quote comment=”4601″]The whole point is to be understood, right?[/quote]


    i get it! very funny! whoohoo! one of the best palindromes ever!

  9. Ha! I love the pics above. Fresh out of the box (bubble-wrap & all)!
    I’m happy for you guys! The illustrations printed out well. They look great. I can see why you enjoy Crumb.
    Now get out the plastic wrap to protect them from baby drool! ๐Ÿ™‚

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