Zappa — The Lost Interview

Barry, our most kind and benevolent webmaster, posted this seven part interview in July, 2008. However, when I sought it out both here at KUR and on the web, I came head-on to many dead links. Seems as though certain parties, which shall go nameless, have been quite busy on YouTube having particular Zappa-related material removed (It seems to me that it won’t be too long when finding anything Zappa-related on YouTube will be either (a) impossible, or (b) costly).

Information Is Not Knowledge describes it as such:

The total interview runs about an hour and covers music politics and popular culture from 1950s through 1990. This interview was never released. It was recorded in 3 segments 1990 in LA, but never completed as a final project. Intended to be kind of retrospect of what happened to the personal growth and idealism of 60’s as it whitewashed into the self indulgence of the 70s and 80s and the corporatism of America. It was never completed upon his death.

Fortunately, I was able to track down live links to Zappa’s Lost Interview. “Part 1: Early Influences” and “Part 2: McCarthy, Elvis & Racism” are above, respectively. The rest are as follows:

Part 3: The Presidential Elections(09:52 min.)
Part 4: Beatles, Stones & Censorship(09:31 min.)
Part 5: Hendrix, UFOs & Sex(09:52 min.)
Part 6: Problems with Democracy(09:36 min.)
Part 7: Message to the Future(00:53 min.)

Watch ’em before they’re gone for good.

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5 thoughts on “Zappa — The Lost Interview”

  1. This interview shows, how much I miss his point of view today – although I donĀ“t agree with him in every thing he says. But he has an honest opinion to things. Since his death so many things happened in the US and worldwide and I would love to hear what he thinks about it today. He would definitely add George W. Bush to his Mount Rushmore list. And then again, he was at the age of 50 at the time this interview took place and during his lifetime nothing has changed in general (war, killing, starving, politicians, censorship etc.). Since his death nothing much has changed either. Being 49 myself now, I ask myself since quite a while, if there ever will be a change (I am not talking about Obama, here!). No wonder, that he was working on Civilization Phaze III. These gunshots of automatic weapons at the end of this masterpiece gave me the creeps when I listenend to it the first time – and still does.

  2. [quote comment=”4604″]Bravo for your continued excellence in posting this material.[/quote]

    On behalf of the KUR staff, thanks.

    There are certainly changes afoot on the net (and on YouTube in particular) which I’ve begun to take close notice of, especially in terms of how it might affect future posts here at KUR. I’ve notice how some companies have been buying up the rights to vast numbers of old videos from the 70s, 80s, and 90s (Liberty Recordings, for instance), so that these official videos can now only be seen via subscription. And companies like Apple and their hardware (iPods and iPhones) are also changing what was once free access to online videos — they expect 30% of all transactions. So, it’s understandable why both small companies like Vaulternative Records and big companies like Warner Brothers, alike, have removed Frank Zappa titles from iTunes.

    Everything is in flux, now. It’s really going to be interesting to see how this affects KUR in both the short and long term as access to information online (video, audio, text) becomes increasingly subscription based.

    A challenge for KUR, indeed. Still, where there are changes, there are also bright opportunities.

  3. Studio Z has to react to the ZFT and the Google notification:

    According to Google’s Notification, based on warning supposedly of Zappa Family Trust, had 25 posts erased of our site.
    I believe that it is only the beginning, because practically all posts belong to Zappa, with few exceptions.
    It is very strange this because, excepting posts Beat The Boots II, that make part of the official discografy, all others are bootlegs, that are sold freely in the internet and do not affect the poor family Zappa earnings, and still help to announce more the wonderful work of Frank Zappa, and they were exactly these ones that were denounced.
    The complete official discografy that supposedly would affect the sales (joke this because the number of people who access my site is ridiculously small close to the fans legion of Zappa), was not even mentioned.
    Anyway, to avoid larger conflicts am going to remove the official discografy of the site, as well as Beat The Boots I.
    The others will remain temporarily, until I find a solution to put the site in somewhere where this hanger-ons infamous industry (and why do not tell gigolos) of the artists, that are the ones that does not have the minimum participation in the work creation but they are the ones that win most profits, do not manage to obstruct the divulging of this incredible work. ”

    Is this trip really neccessary?

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