Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos Box

Kids, if you’re not into Tom Waits, I suggest you skip reading this entry altogether. If you are though — or if you like the way Sharl and I illustrate — you may want to read on.
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Musik & Mythos Giveaway!

Update: Contest closed! Winners to be announced shortly — stay tuned…

Now that the book is finally up for sale, Sharl and I are giving away:

A/ one copy of Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos, the book, along with one set of twelve postcards, and
B/ six sets of twelve postcards.

Click image to enlarge:
Tom Waits - Musik & Mythos

To enter the competition, simply post a comment answering the following three questions:

1. Name an artist who covered a Tom Waits song, and name the title of the song itself.
2. Mention your favorite Tom Waits song.
3. How does one say Good Morning in German?

The contest starts now and remains open until Wednesday April 1st, 6pm Western European Time, upon which an innocent hand will draw the winners — not to worry: there will be video! Ladies and gentlemen: start your engines…

The Tom Waits Book Has Materialized

You’ll remember my going on and on about the Tom Waits book Sharl and I illustrated. Ah, well a couple of days ago we finally got our copy:

tw 1

The front- and back-cover with some of the postcards.

tw 2

Some more postcards.

It really turned out to be a wonderful book — great attention to detail, typography, paper choice as well as an excellent print job. More, larger pictures are available here. Call me biassed but Sharleena and I are really proud to have been part of this project.

As of now, the book is available for purchase at the publisher’s site for a mere 15 euro. Place your order fast enough, and you’ll get all twelve chapter illustrations in postcard form shipped along for free!

Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos

It took our pal Tommi Brem and his associate Daniel Knapp two years to translate Jay S. Jacob’s Tom Waits biography, “Wild Years: the Music and Myth of Tom Waits”, into German — Tommi at one point likened it to birthing a baby elephant.

Now, finally, the book is about to be published and ready for pre-ordering.

Tom Waits Illustration Preview

You may remember that Sharl and I were approached to create chapter illustrations for this book, as well as a cover. Given the subject, that turned out to be great fun, despite a near fatal computer crash.

For those interested: if you pre-order the book, you get a free set of high-quality postcards with all 12 illustrations printed on them.

As for Sharl and I: we’re chuffed to have been part of this project! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go camp near the mailbox and await the arrival of my copy 🙂