Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos Box

Kids, if you’re not into Tom Waits, I suggest you skip reading this entry altogether. If you are though — or if you like the way Sharl and I illustrate — you may want to read on.

Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos Illustrations

Our pal Tommi from StageCraft Entertainment has put together a deluxe “Musik & Mythos” Box. It harbours exquisite quality prints of our 12 chapter illustrations, as well as the book itself, encased in what I can only describe as a wooden box of pandora:

Tom Waits: Musix/Mythos Box

There’s only ten of them, five of which have already been sold — contact Tommi if you’re interested in obtaining one.

3 thoughts on “Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos Box”

  1. I may add that the finishing of these boxes proves to be dangerous to persons to previously acquainted with … well, heavy duty industry materials … and should actually be executed in a top secret labmatory underneath Virginia. Instead, it’s all happening in my kitchen.

    Thanks to the two of you for the illustrations and thanks for giving us the heads up among the Zappa-community here.

  2. Sounds like a home-based industrial micro-press, tombo (much akin to mine – every six months or so, my flat is transformed into samizdat central). All I can say is Musik & Mythos looks fantastic!

  3. It looks great, you guys. Nice job all around.
    My 15 year old still has one of your postcards hanging on her wall.

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