8 thoughts on “Tom Waits Gives A Press Conference”

  1. A good question for T. waits fans could be : where, in which olace is he actually composing his music?
    Let’s go down to earth.
    – FZ : in the UMRC ( -1 of the house the family was living in).

    – J S Bach: at the organ in the Thomas Kirche – Leipzig or – much worse- at home. ” Home ” , that was the luxury of the period : rooms in St Thomas School next to the Church, seperated only by a thin partition from the dormitory of some 50 rowdy boys.

    – J. Coltrane, in the room above the garage of his house. ” Coltrane lived in the 3,000-square-foot brick and wood-frame ranch house on Candlewood Path, just south of the Long Island Expressway, for three years, until his death in 1967. In 1964, in a dormered upstairs room, he composed the best-selling album “A Love Supreme,” a suite of music as famous for its spiritual heft as for its enduring appeal.”


  2. And Happy Mother’s to my mom, Kathleen Brennan, who shares a name with Tom’s wife.

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