Boys Are Back In Town

Hello and welcome to another episode of “ Forums: The Douchebag Edition”. Idiot Bastard Son says:

I have been personally insulted at the Zappa Forum simply for commenting on the inference in DZ’s recent email about the ZPZ DVD re-release. It is actually quite clear. What he said was: “ZPZ’s goal is to capture the attention of a new audience” – not “…one of its goals…“, but “ZPZ’s goal…“. More care needs to be taken if that doesn’t mean it’s ZPZ’s sole goal (which I don’t actually believe it is). I will refrain from commenting further at the Forum: it’s a very hostile place, seemingly now populated by a couple of racist bully-boys.

There’s some cool people posting at the Z forums mind you, but the (real) idiots, it seems, are taking over. Erh… AFFZ, anyone?

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  1. Interesting stuff over at Idiot Bastard Son. Seems as though Mama and son du Zap are preparing to give the old heav’ hoe to the old generation of fans so they can bring in all those new young fans. I wonder which planet these new fans are from? I suppose it’s understandable. The younger the fan, the more ignorant they’ll be of the quality of the product they’ll be receiving. Wow, mom, look…vinyl! 100% Dweezil Zappa performed officially by Dweezil Zappa (with Ahmet giving readings in between performances). Next thing we’ll see warning stickers on ZpZ DVDs and CDs stating: beware of aging freaks and webloggers of dubious Zappitude.

  2. The official forum became a place of mass-stupidity. I hope some will push the BIG DELETE BUTTON soon.


  3. I too gave up commenting on the forum for the reason that Idiot Bastard has. There are some people there who are just plain ignorant and abusive and seem to thrive on being personally insulting to others. I can live without it!

    I agree too that it seems at times that the ZFT’s aim is that only ZPZ should play Zappa’s music. But I don’t want to believe it – surely as a musician Dweezil realises that this would be contrary to what FZ thought and did, even if Gail doesn’t. Where would rock’n’roll be if only Chuck Berry had been allowed to play Chuck Berry songs? And if your aim is to increase awareness of FZ’s music then shouldn’t you be encouraging as many people as possible to play it?

  4. I agree, but I’d love to hear from Dweezil directly concerning the C & D stuff, et al…ZPZ is ok, but it ain’t Frank!

  5. Idiot Bastard Son’s experience @ the Z forum is not surprising. I checked it out recently and found an extreme amount of negativity. Bummer, Dudes. It’s an ugly little world going on that site. Hence, it’s off my favorites list.
    I too, would love to hear Dweezil’s take on the C&D shit. I know Frank would give it to you plain & simple.

  6. Seems like we’re on our own folks. And perhaps this is a good thing after all. There’s so much freedom here at Barry’s place: to speak, to discuss, to disagree. And not just on one incredibly narrow topic either: the Zappas. I mean, when was the last time you heard the works of George Duke, Don ‘Sugarcane’ Harris, Jean-Luc Ponty, Ike Willis, and Stanley Zappa celebrated on

  7. That’s the result of being a musician both
    – playing a song called ” Titties & Beer” and
    – conducting his scores with the Ensemble Modern.

    ” Idiots ” and university professors.
    Both. A renaissance man, why?

    Going back in musical history : this is about reinventing things that were considered normal till +/ – the second half of the 18th century, when the classical period ( Haydn, Mozart, Van Beethoven) took over.
    The last great one who combined low & high was J. S. Bach. Just listen to his Weltliche Cantates: it’s about smoking, drinking, chasing women, etc. And the very instructive simple scores he wrote for his first wife & the family: the Notenbuchlein.

    Way back then J. S. Bach soon understood that the only way to survive ( he had 22 children) was to endeavor getting payed by the rulers ( and +/- rich of that period ): a Churh ( Leipzig).

    FZ was confronted with new Rulers: the US & word wide commercial world. My idea is : we should be very greatful to the Germans, who offered him this ( expensive for them ) opportunity.
    And on a local Belgian note: a couple of years before the Ens. Mod. experience The Festival Of Flanders offered him exactly the same opportunity. He denied the offer as he didn’ t have time to deliver. Check it out, it’s a true story.
    Ahead of their times.

  8. [quote comment=”1005″]I agree, but I’d love to hear from Dweezil directly concerning the C & D stuff, et al…ZPZ is ok, but it ain’t Frank![/quote]

    The fact that we haven’t heard from the Dweez concerning the C & D shit speaks volumes to me. He is complicit with his mother’s actions by his very silence on this matter.

  9. Yes, Urb., let’s put down arms.

    It’s difficult t be the son of a master.

    Compare it with the deconstructing :

    – Ravi Coltrane , John’s son. He just keeps inventing new combinations.
    – Bach’s sons. They’re plentiful. And – way back then, instantly – they were much more succesful than their father. Personally I like the youngest one, the Londener Johann Chrisitian. It was the Rococo style, an exagerration of Barock, announcing something complety new.

    The best thing that could happen to DZ is to take a distance from his band ZPZ, being ” Dweezil Z & the 10 orphans”.

  10. Urbangraffito wrote “Seems like we’re on our own folks” and this is it: He just wants to hear himself. He ascend the pulpit and prays his point of view to it all. And if you make the mistake and go for your own opinion, he prays that you´re wrong: This must be his catholic upbringing. On one hand, one finds the offer for a t-shirt “Stop Gail” here at KUR and on the other hand you´re blamed, if you have a stronger opinion. Think about it. The KUR blog might become a pretty lonely place, just because “Mr. I know it all – and even better” cuts most of the other bloggers off in his very particular arrogant way of argueing against everthing that is not his own perspective.

  11. Hey Roland, I understand where you’re coming from but… c’mon let’s all relax a bit, okay? Urban’s got strong views and he’s got a pretty direct way of expressing them. I may not always agree, but so what? He’s got every right to say what he wants — and so does everyone else here for that matter. I guess I shouldn’t have posted that silly “Sloatman” entry — it’s what seems to have set off this whole thing…

    Serenity now! 😉

  12. Well I was reading some topics today on the official zappa forum and what I saw there is exactly what happens on most forums. People don’t understand eachother because of using the wrong smilies, no smilies or a language problem so that posts can easely be interpreted wrong.
    It’s allways the same, some “forum professors think that they have the right to post anything they want without thinking about the consequenses.
    I think the moderators have some time off there because they do nothing to prevent that.

  13. [quote comment=”1000″]And if your aim is to increase awareness of FZ’s music then shouldn’t you be encouraging as many people as possible to play it?[/quote]

    That sums up quite nicely, in one sentence, what infuriates me so much about the ZFT and their rampant litigation.

  14. Last time I was at the forum the big debate was whether or not FZ was circumcised; a female fan was curious for the sake of a sexual fantasy.

    Yeah…it’s a real intellectual vibe over there.

  15. was a place I went to years ago…happy that the family had it’s own forum….but it didn’t take long to realize that it is over-populated by assholes who constantly excuse their own behavior while taking others to task for theirs. Recent visits have shown it hasn’t changed much. Too bad. Kinda got the impression Gail was considering getting rid of the board…maybe she should.

  16. i kinda got the impression that gail is considering getting rid of all zappa fans through litigation.

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