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Missing Links: RDNZL, Cosmik Debris – Stockholm

Have you seen the Stockholm show, 1973? You did? Maybe the 50 minute version. But here are some missing gems, previously unseen (at least by me): RDNZL and Cosmik Debris.
Great tunes! Watch the fun the band has during and after RDNZL! Sooooo good!!!
(provided by bongolamp)

Update: bongolamp has just uploaded Kung Fu and Penguin In Bondage! (I’ve also updated it on my page)
Thank you, man!

Wohs Sdrawkcab Eht

The members of our rockin’ teenage combo don’t know this right now that we’re not gonna open the show the normal way we usually open it.
Gonna start with Green Genes… the whole show backwards.

And it’s 1 March 1973, Daytona Beach, Florida – more infos here (from