77 Million Paintings

Brian Eno, Light Painter:

The multidisciplinary artist, with the help of a few technical experts, has created a computer program that continually fuses his translucent light paintings to create an ever-evolving artistic display on your computer screen. The piece is accompanied by a randomly assembled ambient track that’s never the same twice. The program is capable of creating about 77 million permutations of Eno’s visual work and is titled, appropriately, “77 Million Paintings.”

As Duncan put it: Art or Screen Saver?

One Person One SUV

Speak Up has a great post about wartime propaganda posters — both real and parody.

SU war

Much of the conservation messages during the World Wars was brought about by actual need. Those wars devastated trade between western nations, and the need to conserve and to be as self-sufficient as possible was real. Times have changed, and it would take a truly global war to put the pinch on North America’s supply chains in a similar way. However, the parallels with the supply of fuel are obvious, and the lack of a major government-funded conservation movement, curious. Surely it is the most “patriotic” thing to do?

Monster Road Out On DVD

For those of you who didn’t get to see it in your local theatre: Monster Road, the award-winning Bruce Bickford documentary, is out on DVD. The film offers a fascinating look into the life and spirit of a true American excentric and his absolute dedication to the one thing he lives for: clay animation. Much like Zappa’s, Bickford’s work lives in a self-shaped universe where reality, logic and social convention are bent and skewed into something entirely unique. As far apart as both their worlds may be, it’s no coincidence that Zappa took a keen, perhaps even anthropological interest into Bickford, as documented in Baby Snakes and Dub Room Special. Though they are opposites in many ways, one trait brings them together: deviation from the norm.
Get the DVD — you won’t regret it. Long live deviation from the norm!

Everybody I Shot Is Dead

That was the subject of an email I received just now. Thinking I was about to engage in a conversation with a serial killer, I started reading:

I am writing to you because you are affiliated with and/or a fan of at least one of the brilliant musicians that will be featured in my upcoming book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. My name is Deborah Chesher and I was a rock’n’roll photographer in the mid-seventies, back when the music business was still about the music. My high-quality photography book will feature pictures I took of the many musicians who have since passed, as well as my personal stories.

If you’re interested, she is chronicling the making of the book online.

Weirdo Cards

If you’re wondering what Dr Sharl and I have been up to lately, wonder no more — introducing: weirdocards dot com! Sure, it’s an eCards service, but one with a twist. Our cards tackle such elusive topics as androgynous gnomes, Outcast Smurfs, Cheese, Slime, Liberated Girls, noses and much more.

Feel free to give the site a whirl, click around, send some cards and let us know what you think. Oh, and did I mention there’s some Zappa there too? :)