Annoyance Anonymous

Last Thursday, President Bush signed into law a prohibition on posting annoying Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing your true identity.

“The use of the word ‘annoy’ is particularly problematic,” says Marv Johnson, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. “What’s annoying to one person may not be annoying to someone else.”

I’m sure internet trolls around the world are shaking with fear.


…or at least a bit heavier:

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that allows anyone to contribute articles, is tightening its rules for submitting entries following the disclosure that it ran a piece falsely implicating a man in the Kennedy assassinations. Wikipedia will now require users to register before they can create articles, Jimmy Wales, founder of the St. Petersburg, Florida-based website, said Monday.

I just loved the way it worked – almost without (outer) control. Is it the end of the freedom of Wikipedia?

Help Michael Brecker: Get Tested

Back in August KUR reported how Michael Brecker had been diagnosed with MDS. Now it seems the initial search for a donor, including Michael’s siblings and children, has not resulted in a suitable match. In a remarkable effort, M-Audio is offering to pay for the testing of as many people as possible at any National Marrow Donor Program center. Let’s hope this gets a big response.

You Are What You Is

Quite the unbelievable story this: man discovers he’s black at age 26:

When the baby born to two white parents came out black, the secret became a lie. Throughout his childhood, David Myers was told that his skin color was a disease called melanism. He was lucky, his mother said, because the skin discoloration was all over his body, instead of just splotches of brown like most people had.

Critical Mass

Yesterday it was a day of Critical Mass here in Budapest. This town was not really (=really not) designed for bicycle use, so the organisers wished to show the existence of this mass – the ones who want to ride a bicycle. Violá: more than 20.000 (!!!) people came! Okay, you won’t be able to read this article, but clicking on a picture you’ll be able to see it!
The name “Critical Mass” comes from a documentary called Return of the Scorcher made by Ted White in 1992. In a scene George Bliss is examining a typical chinese situation, where some people riding the bicycle just can’t cross the road because of the heavy traffic. While waiting more and more bicyclist come and when they reach a “critical” number they can finally cross safely – together.