Help Michael Brecker: Get Tested

Back in August KUR reported how Michael Brecker had been diagnosed with MDS. Now it seems the initial search for a donor, including Michael’s siblings and children, has not resulted in a suitable match. In a remarkable effort, M-Audio is offering to pay for the testing of as many people as possible at any National Marrow Donor Program center. Let’s hope this gets a big response.

2 thoughts on “Help Michael Brecker: Get Tested”

  1. This really doesn’t take a great deal of effort, please seek it out to do it…..I was lucky enuff to do it at the Newport Jazz Festival, where Steps Ahead performed without Brecker.

    It’s a couple of pages of forms, a blood sample and a great deal of hope……..that’s all

    Best possible wishes to MB

  2. I wish I could save Michael Brecker, probably the best improviser I have heard in recent times. Unfortunately I am from completely the wrong ethnic background and I live on the other side of the Atlantic. So come on you Amerikanishers, get busy!

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