Crumb’s Thumb

The Robert Crumb photo-gallery never fails to entertain, but this one really had me laughing out loud (refuses to use the acronym):

crumb hitchhiking

Crumb’s son Jesse (pictured right):

This is like 10 or more years ago. Pop and I had to thumb it down to San Francisco. At this time I hitchhiked everywhere. Pop had a story about doing this exact thing in his youth. So we did it again. He made the thumb. I still have it. No one picked us up… it took hours… ahhh, that kind of freedom is… intoxicating.

Kung Fu Hustle – the movie

„It was strange, really” – says Stephen Chow, director – „I was sitting in my Hong Kong office, then suddenly the door flung open, Quentin Tarantino rushed in, hugged me, kissed me, and rushed away. We’ve never met before, I only knew him from pictures. I didn’t even know about him being in Asia. It turned out that he had spent three days here and he definitely wanted to meet me. Finally he had only this short time. But it might be as important as the prize of the Best Movie.”

Kung Fu Hustle: yes, the best movie you’ve ever seen in your life. Just unbelieveable.

“The District” – prizewinning animation

“It’s not Verona but the deepest ghetto of Budapest. It’s not the Capulets and Montagues but rivalling Hungarian and Gypsy clans. It’s not about romance but money and oil.”


After the amazing Belgian masterpiece here’s a Hungarian animation called The District, that has just won first prize on the Annecy International Animated Festival.

It’s homepage is only in hungarian, sorry… But here are some pictures and some trailers (3 of them, on the bottom left) for you.

criticismthe synopsys – “Will anyone be offended?” – interview with the authors (all in english).

Crumb In France

Does he miss anything about America? “For one thing, I guess I miss all those large-butted American women. But also my role as a commentator on that culture. I mean, I can’t comment on French culture. I can’t tell what the hell’s going on here.” Has that given him an identity crisis? “A little bit, yeah, a little bit.”

Crumb: “When I was four, I knew I was weird.”