Zappateers Festival

Fellow Zappateer Bengt Nilsson writes in:

Hi dear Zappafellows (or Zäppi perhaps),
We the Zappateers would like to invite all of you to our mini-festival in Nijmegen Holland on March 14-15. It’s an indoor event, rather a party than a festival with hopefully some 120 attendant plus the bands.

I’m loving the promotional poster by the way — click for full view:

Zappateer Festival

4 Responses to “Zappateers Festival”

  1. Harald says:

    OMG. Vermeer and Zappa, two of my very few real heroes.
    Must find money and excuse without suspicious wife suspecting…

  2. BengoFury says:

    Yeah, it’s a nice little happening inbetween Zappanales, join us for some fun!!!

  3. BowTieDad says:

    1800 Blurp
    1930 Foolz
    2130 Studio Tan

    1200 Muzquitos
    1400 Cucurillo Brillo Brullo
    1630 Monty and The Butchers
    1900 Wrong Object
    2130 Uncle Meat

  4. UniMuta says:

    See you there.

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