Frank Zappa Ambigram

An ambigram of the words ‘Frank Zappa.’ A bit of a hero of mine is Zappa, and I’ve wanted to design an ambigram around his name for a while. I came up with a symmetrical totem solution which I’m very please with. I particularly like the square at the bottom of the design hinting at his famous trademark beard and moustache!

Made by Derren Lee Poole, ambigram designer – this is a nice one, hm? I hope it’s not a copyright infringement…

4 Responses to “Frank Zappa Ambigram”

  1. jane23 says:

    It is not copyright infringement.
    It is trademark violation.
    quick, hide!!!

  2. Hugh says:

    That is an excellent design! It’d look great on a T-shirt.

  3. xorg says:

    The designer should get in touch with the ZFT and sell them his design! Great for an album & t-shirt.

  4. Jake St. Vitus says:

    What really makes this work so great is that it (a) looks cool, (b) I could see it on a Zappa album in his time (let’s say Drowning Witch), (c) I could see it on a posthumous release, (d) I can see his ‘face’ and ‘mustache’ in here, and (e) it seems fitting for FZ’s beliefs (dual-natures, reflectivity/mirroring, time as malleable, et.c) and FZ’s design sense.

    Way to go. Really fantastic. And it should be available on an official T-Shirt, Sticker, and perhaps all-natural, biodegradable shampoo. A nice tall thin bottle.

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