New Official Release: Zappa Wazoo


See and listen to the intro, check the details: $30, “Available Almost Immediately”, now available at Barfko-Swill where a little more information is posted: “Grand Wazoo/Hot Rats/M.O.I 20 Piece Band – 1972”.

Update Nov. 3rd: Zappa Wiki Jawaka has all the info you need. Liner notes:

“This concert was recorded live at Boston Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts on 24 September 1972. These stereo masters were digitally transferred from FZ’s Ampex ATR 100 deck into Nuendo at 96 K 24 bit by Joe Travers using Euphonix AM 713 Converters – in April 2007. …this concert had a slightly different original dynamic in that Big Swifty followed Greggery Peccary. Due to disc space we resequenced the program to maintain the integrity of the performance.”

Disc One

  1. Intro Intros
  2. The Grand Wazoo (Think It Over)
  3. Approximate
  4. Big Swifty

Disc Two

  1. “Ulterior Motive”
  2. The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
  3. Movement I
  4. Movement II
  5. Movement III
  6. Movement IV – TheNewBrownClouds
  7. Penis Dimension
  8. Variant I Processional March

Happy Halloween! :)

36 Responses to “New Official Release: Zappa Wazoo”

  1. Lerch says:

    So what IS this release? Is it similar to the Joe’s Domage or is it more polished than that? Is it live!? Waaaaaah I want details!

  2. Wannabeard says:

    Me too.
    Weird picturen though,
    almost pythonesque, huh?!

    …and then I want free shipping
    and no taxation, damn you welfare state!!

  3. Harmless Ted says:

    Wannabeard said:
    Weird picture though,
    almost pythonesque, huh?!

    It reminds me more of Salvadore Dali!

  4. Harmless Ted says:

    My informants tell me this is the 24. Sept. 1972 concert in Boston, the last concert of the tour. On the tape (100 min AUD B-), Frank mentions the concert is being recorded…

    Ohhh, I cant wait for this one. This will be great!

  5. Maroual says:

    Yes, the cover is derived from an oil canvas by Salvador Dali (Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire, 1940). In 1983, Alice Cooper’s released his Dada album which also used the same painting.

  6. bernard says:

    Cover art.

    Commercial people just seem to look for the easiest solution. Copying.

    The same goes for Classical music. Album covers….

    See :


    much older:


    The picture was published in Harper’s Bazaar in December 1947.

  7. Jeff says:

    I’ve got a rather hard-on.

  8. Wannabeard says:

    Dali, maybe so… but I don’t think his pictures are usually moving…?
    Unlike Python…

  9. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Purchased! Now I have a hard-on too. Who can resist the dust of the Grand Wazoo?!? :)

  10. Harry Barris says:

    30 bucks (plus shipping?) seems kinda steep for a 100 min. concert

  11. Lunchmeat says:

    I’m soaking in it.

  12. urbangraffito says:

    Can’t stop myself…must buy…ahhhhhh…Purchased! Who can resist the dust of the Grand Wazoo? Not me! (F*#k you if you don’t like my hat!)

  13. Jeff says:

    Mine already shipped. Should be here on Friday. Can’t wait!!!

  14. ? says:

    haha what a ripoff (golijov cover) you’d figure deustche grammophone moves enough dough to come up w/something better but NO. Just as well, it might be a sign of what’s to be expected when u play the cd-
    what about fz covers? my favorite’s gotta be weasels ripped my flesh, reminds me of my mom laughing saying what the F&*&*& is this??? sleep dirt is pretty good , studio tan too, bongo fury is a good one. oh, and hot rats, of course.

  15. hipbone says:

    After leaving the amazing zpz Halloween show I’m listening to my newly purchased wazoo disc and I have two words to describe it. Bad Ass.

    If you like Hot Rats/ Wakajawaja type stuff rejoice! Besides the great sound, and great vibe of the show, the packaging is top notch. Good pics and good text.

    Thank you to Joe Travers and the Zappa Family Trust for releasing this great (rare) concert in pristine audio.

    Believe me, there is more to come…

    Happy Halloween!!

  16. Sterbus says:

    You heard it ?!

  17. Harmless Ted says:

    It seems to be selling at the ZPZ concerts…. I can’t wait till mine arrives

  18. urbangraffito says:

    Harry Barris Says:
    October 31st, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    30 bucks (plus shipping?) seems kinda steep for a 100 min. concert

    A Zappa freak will pay just about anything for the opportunity to hear new Frank.

  19. BillyDaMt says:

    Man, I am so stoked for this one!
    WAZOO baby!
    I really love the Boston show.
    I hope they could “bake” the tapes so that the sound is similar in
    quality to Buffalo.
    Got mine all ordered up nice.

  20. luc / Belgium says:

    If anyone or more people in Belgium / Netherlands will order this cd, we might consider a group buy. How about that…

  21. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Well, too late for me but… define “group buy”? Sounds kinky! :)

  22. Jamez says:

    My favourite release videowise would be a DVD of the ’76 Bianca band or the ’75 Japan tour, or the Fall ’80 band with Bob Harris.

    Audiowise… anything!!

  23. Frank B. says:

    I also can’t resist the dust of the grand wazoo. Will buy it. But I found
    myself asking, if it’s soo good, what’s wrong with it, why did’nt
    released Frank it? If you know some stories around this theme please tell it. Sorry for my worst english. Regards

  24. bernard says:

    1. Album cover Art

    Current CD cover art seems to be neglecting seriousness.

    2. Deutsche G. etc.: Golijov’s Oceana

    I agree: Golivov’s Oceana is not good music. I really do not understand why critics in the US ( NY ) appreciated this music.

    3. Bargain bins & Public Libraries

    – quite a lot of excellent music can be found in bargain bins in music stores. Remember FZ & Varese.

    – I rented ( 0,5 euro/ forthnight) ) Oceana ( O.G. ) in the local public library. Local village = 16.000 inhabitants. It’s crap, that record, not the public library. They have quite a lot of FZ music in the offer over there. At the same tme I rented another record ( CD): ” Marienvesper” from Di Lasso, performedeby ( German) Weser Renaissance. Excellent.

    FR = mind opener.

  25. Rance Muhammitz says:

    They’re selling copies of this at ‘Zappa Plays Zappa.’ I just started listening to it and it’s really amazing so far. I haven’t the privy to hear the boots of this concert but the sound quality is really nice. It’ll be fun to progress through the rest of this release.

  26. SplashyLake says:

    I don’t believe Frank was happy with the audio quality of the Grand Wazoo recordings in the Vault. But there’s been a lot of improvement in audio software tools since Frank’s passing, and maybe the folks at UMRK were able to apply some sonic cleansing to the Wazoo tapes. (Not too much, I hope.)

  27. Frank B. says:

    SplashyLake: I agree with you, i have just purchased. Let’s wazoo again, hoping for the best.

  28. Balint says:

    1.) interesting release, just about to order it! Cant wait to hear!
    2.) another interesting thing: these releases are almost all from unreleased tours (Imaginary D: 72, OZ: 76, Buffalo: 80). Okay, Buffalo is an exception, but i still see some tendency. Might we expect some 80 spring materiel, maybe? Or (even better) some ’73 summer show? Maybe ’74 spring,the anyversary tour? (Give Sydney to me, please!!) Anyway: much beter direction, than the “Joe’s” series!!!
    3.) Can anyone tell me the name of the guy who made the graphics? A scan of the sleeve notes would be fine as well, if possible… I’m quite curious!

  29. Paul Sempschi says:

    I appreciated the Joe’s series, I just think that rather than just producing ‘nuggets’- that felt like samplers, they would have been better off producing a project set around each Joe’s release. In a similar manner as MoFO. At least fill up an entire cd!
    Wazoo is wonderful news, though I wish they would put it in stores, then I would have access to this wonderful music.

  30. Grimpoteuthis says:

    Cover art is by the same guy who did EIHN. His names is Christopher Mark Brennan. Eric White did the Trance Fusion and the Dub Room DVD covers another fatastic artists.

    Their gernre is unnamed but often goes by Pop-Surrealism or Low Brow (the latter term often rejected by artists in this style.

  31. Sterbus says:

    Can someone tell what is “ulterior motive” ?

  32. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    From the dictionary: “underlying motive: a second and underlying motive, usually a selfish or dishonorable one”.

  33. Jeff says:

    Ulterior Motive is just Frank speaking the audience about the fact that the concert is being recorded.

  34. urbangraffito says:

    Apparently, “Variant I Processional March” is an early version of “Regyptian Strut.” Man, is this going to be a GREAT one.

  35. SplashyLake says:

    I ordered it on Saturday, and the package arrived the following Tuesday. I can report that the set is magnificent. The audio is about the same quality as Imaginary Diseases, which is to say maybe a little rough here and there but still pretty fine for early 1970s 2-track recording. The quality of the performance is stellar. All the musicians seem to be enjoying playing the written and improvised sections, and the concert holds together like a single unified experience, so I can see why they didn’t mix and match performances from several dates (like they did with ID).

    With the release of MOFO, Imaginary Diseases, Buffalo, and now this gem, the ZFT is shifting into a very nice pace of archival releases. Let’s hope they keep ’em coming!

  36. Bob Again says:

    All hail the ZFT!

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