The Big Rock Off!

Dr Sharl and I got to see Tenacious D & The Pick Of Destiny on DVD last night. Good times, and funny as hell (eh heh heh):

Jack Black’s a genius! Must buy the soundtrack.

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  1. Looptron says:

    You should see ’em LIVE… it’s awesome. And reasonably similar too – starts off in their apartment, ends up in hell!! :-)

  2. Birdman! says:

    There are complete live shows by Tenacious D at
    Many of the shows are in the SHN format, but there are mp3s of some, too.

  3. urbangraffito says:

    In my opinion, God Awful Trash.

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    … but in a good way! :)

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Then again, Barry, I like “Billy the Mountain” so what do I know?

  6. sterbus says:

    Do you know that the evil is actually Dave Grohl? in the movie there is also Ronny James Dio, comin’ out from the poster, and Meat Loaf, father of young Jack Black, that – by the way – has a great voice!

    “Master exploder” is THE anthem, dudes!

  7. P-Rip says:

    Titties n’ Beer Part 2?

  8. Grimpoteuthis says:

    This movie is so fucking funny.

  9. Shitknuckles says:

    The album was pretty funny and catchy.

    This movie seems 4 or 5 years too late and seems pretty rushed and wildly unfunny. Lots of wasted opportunities.

    HOWEVER. Live, The D are fucking phenomenal. They can just stand there, not talking and be funny.

  10. Float By says:

    Ew. I think this was a Tenacious D wipeout. BIG time.

  11. scott says:

    Not a great comedy, but it had it’s moments.
    I’m not really crazy about Tenacious D’s music
    and Jack Black is not a favorite of mine, but the
    songs they did in this movie were kind of funny.

  12. vince says:

    “The Complete Works” DVD is your best value, when it comes it the D.

  13. Balint says:

    Crazzzzzy!!! :-) The XXI. century’s answer to Bohemian Rhapsody :-)

  14. bernard says:

    Balint, just withdraw your Testic… ( just like the Roman soldiers way back 2000 years ago).

    There’s more in the offer than this.

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