Black & Pink Napkins

Hm, a nice classic: Black & Pink Napkins, played by a real metalhead, Dimaension X. Quite impressive! Of course from Zappa Internet Jam Session, where you will find some other crazy covers, like The White Boy Troubles. Hah!

2 Responses to “Black & Pink Napkins”

  1. Another Barry says:

    That really was quite nice! Great job, Mr. Guitar Player!

  2. Dimaension X says:

    Hey, many thanx the the folks who’ve actually heard a few of my feeble attempts of covers of Maestro Zappa’s original tunes.

    I just posted a weird redition of a cover of two versions of “Orange County Lumber Truck” and “Weasels” spliced together. And check out any of the songs by either Gabor or ZW – THESE guys are the real talents behind that great website!

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