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  1. DANNY O'DARE says:

    Crikey, Ian Penman had to get something off his chest:

    What do you guys think of his comments?



  2. Montana Wildhack says:

    Penman is somewhat the converse of Ben Twatson. As far as writers for the bloody awful Wire (the magazine with a rod up its butt) went, the only one who ever approached Zappa’s works reasonably and with perspective was Edwin “Savage Pencil” Pouncey. Read one of his FZ reviews and you know more or less what you’re gonna get, neither fanboy drivel nor its hyper-critical diametrical opposite

  3. Jamez says:

    Penman is a dweeb.

  4. P-Rip says:

    A few nice photos I took. I think the crowd was a bit smaller this year. Pretty much the same mix of local musicians and geezers dragging their kids…some more willingly than others. The show was great and Ray White was excellent.

  5. P-Rip says:

    Forgot to mention the show was Aug 17, Dodge Theater, Phoenix AZ.

  6. Josh says:

    I was at this show with my wife and it blew us away.

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