Interview?? With??? Frank Zappa?!?!?

Okay, you won’t believe this: “FZ gives a neck massagio with salami to a Japanese Italian TV host, while talking about Milan, pop stars with only one glove, and Thing-Fish”. (from: Zappa Internet Jam Sessions)

Have you ever had salami rubbed on your neck before?

(Details: Zappa flip, c. October 8, 1984, Italian TV, Milan.)

12 Responses to “Interview?? With??? Frank Zappa?!?!?”

  1. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    You Can’t Do That On Italian TV Anymore.

  2. debk says:

    Best interview with Frank ever! Very illuminating.

  3. paperhouse says:

    It always amazes me how confident and commanding he is. Being in the same room as him must have been very awkward.

  4. scott says:


  5. Hipbone says:

    I love how during the interviuew it seems like FZ just wants to use some Zircon-encrusted tweezers on the host back at his hotel (and the feeling seems mutual). Then, when the camera turns off, Frank seems all business, as does the host.

    I wish ZFT would compile all of these random TV appearances. Dance fever, Steve Allen, CNN, etc. Frank was so good and natural on TV

    The legalities of a compiation like that would make any lawyer’s head spin!

  6. jim says:

    He draws on her neck w/ makeup & there’s nearly zilch happening the entire time for actual questions: MY kind of interview!

    Love how he answers the old “how was the (Milan) show” saw – “Who cares?”

    Yuh-huh … they are SO mugging it up!
    DADA indeed.
    Actually most broadcast stuff’d ALL be in the public domain by now.

  7. scott says:

    “Actually most broadcast stuff’d ALL be in the public domain by now.”

    If that were so, the ZFT could EASILY digitize and post those videos
    on the Zappa website. Realistically, there were so many Zappa TV appearances that there is no real reason to hold them back, there can’t be any real money in it. They are only of interest to Zappa fans and might just provide the ZFT a chance to better promote Frank’s life via the internet presence they already enjoy.

    Why not?

  8. xorg says:

    Why not? Because the chumps at the ZFT haven’t thought of it and they can’t be bothered anyway if there’s no money in it.

  9. Another Barry says:

    Haha! That was odd and fantastic!

  10. carlos zerpa says:

    Frank Zappa interviewed by Kay Rush over 20 years ago for Italian TV.
    Thanks to Kill Ugly Radio

  11. scott says:

    Kay Rush’s wikipedia entry states that she was born in 1971.
    If this interview happened in 1984, that would make her 13 years
    old at the time of the interview.

    I don’t think she was 13 in this video.

  12. Hank Peters says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that he isn’t wearing his wedding ring?

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