My Generation

The Zimmers on MySpace. Fabulous. Thanks Duncan!

5 Responses to “My Generation”

  1. Balint says:


  2. jim says:

    Those poor guitars!

  3. sterbus says:

    hey! great day for me!
    I’ve JUST understand that “whip it out” is when noone has still made any comment, and then, from the first, you see the number followed by “hungry freaks”!
    It’s about five years that I was thinking it was different in relation with the post, or randomly.

    ok, sorry for the off topic!
    hope you don’t ban me before I g-g-get old!

  4. bernard says:

    Is this ridiculous? I don’t think so. I love, adore the common people.

    Better is to keep innovating, as FZ would have done.

    For instance P. Boulez ( now 82 years old ) :

  5. Jamez (again) says:

    Wonder if Roger Daltrey will still be singing ‘My Generation’ when he gets to that age?

    ‘She had a Roger Daltrey cape on.’

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