Zappa In The Netherlands

Paul Berkholst was asked to start a Zappa weblog on the Dutch Radio 6 channel’s website. He just dropped me a note requesting a little plug on KUR, and I’m more than happy to oblige. Head on over to and marvel at all the funny little Dutch words — or read the articles if you’re able to, obviously!

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  1. Wannabeard says:

    Well there are some words in english, for example:
    “The city of Berlin will bestow a unique honor on a unique figure in modern music on July 28th when a street is renamed in memory of American rock and roll legend Frank Zappa. I n the Marzahn district of what was East Berlin, (…) It will be the first street in Germany named for a rock musician, and the first street in a world capital named for Frank Zappa.”
    “Frank Zappa was incredibly popular in the Soviet bloc, even though his recordings had to be smuggled in, and anyone caught listening to them risked punishment. Zappa represented absolute freedom of thought and expression, since he often satirized his own society and government. He inspired people all over Eastern Europe to keep hoping for their own free societies.”

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    * cough! *

  3. Wannabeard says:

    Well I guess that means that they only have old news at, and that I don’t have any memory.
    Speaking of the soviet bloc, does anybody know of interviews with Vaclav Havel talking about Zappa?

  4. PaulB says:

    Dear Wannabesomething,

    I am sure you don’t have enough memory to check out the whole Zappa radio6 website. And if you don’t like “old news” please do not visit my weblog because it is only about OLD ZAPPA NEWS from 1971 till 1993 from my Zappa scrapbooks.

    Guess you only indeed checked out the main Zappa radio6 page (which is not about Zappa in the netherlands at all) and not my “Zappa in the Neterlands” weblog which you can find here:


  5. PaulB says:

    and if it is not enough>>>>

  6. Hans says:

    “Reacties zijn gesloten.”
    No comment! Vintage Eastern Europe all over again.
    O, Paul, nicked your ZPZ touring schedule.

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Can’t we all just get along? :)

  8. bernard says:


    They’re Dutch: priests & Merchants.
    Count your beans.

  9. PaulB says:


    Peace & Pumpkins!


  10. bernard says:

    Prove it.

  11. Hans says:

    The Modern Day Nitpicker Refuses to Die!

  12. Wannabeard says:

    Jesus Christ, I didn’t mean to offend anybody!
    Maybe I should have put a smiley somewhere in my comment…?

  13. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    ‘s okay Wannabeard! Here’s a smiley: :)
    I’m sure that’ll work things out. (Wanted to add a semicolon-closing-bracket emoticon here, but decided against it)

  14. urbangraffito says:


  15. Weirdomusic says:

    By the way… ehm… it’s not just Paul B’s weblog…..

    (yeah, yeah, I know, I haven’t contributed anything in the past few days)

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