Helsinki ’88

Time for another lush 1988 show (if only to please The Chad Wackerman Liberation Front.) This week and the next: Helsinki, Finland, 29 April 1988. From The Planet Of My Dreams:

A very good show, but I must say that I expected more when I looked at the setlist, which indeed is great. It shows that FZ didn’t think highly of the Finns’ English comprehension – much instrumental stuff, and not less than 11 guitar solos.

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  1. thx :)
    This week a lot FZ on tv and radio in Netherlands.
    even the cover of the dutch VPRO tv guide is one of Cal Schenkels best portraits of Dear Frank

    and oh yeah, still 104 days to go for the annual 3 day Zappanale in Bad Doberan! Can t wait to see Ghad Wackerman!

  2. I am amazed that Chad Wackerman had the nerve to appear in public after the WOIIFTM re-mix debacle. Are we supposed to take anything he does seriously?

  3. I saw Wackerman last month at a Holdsworth gig. Amazing drummer!
    Holdsworth introduced one of the tunes as a Wackerman composition– so he’s harmonically capable beyond hitting things especially well.

  4. I saw Chad Wackerman play with Allan Holdsworth about 17 years ago in a small place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Holdsworth played the “baritone guitar” for a song. They were fantastic – Wackerman has a solo album with Holdsworth all over it.
    I’m just realizing how much cool stuff is on Youtube. Last weekend I found Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Berlin playing “Beelzebub” with Bill Bruford from his solo album. And there’s pre-Jaco Weather Report, too!

    Question – Is the beginning of this “Big Swifty” cut?

  5. “beepee Says:

    April 20th, 2007 at 3:58 pm
    Is Duncan mentally ill or something?”

    yes, but please don’t tell CNN!

  6. Birdman – yes: “And as if that weren’t enough, it’s just a few minutes before it’s time for another of my all time faves: “Big Swifty!” Unfortunately, the head of the song and a short bit of the improvisations are ruined by the tape flip.” (John Naurin)

  7. Let’s go back to basics.

    This was / is a very good concert. Involving genuine musicians. They kew how to play.

  8. According to several sources, but mainly the 1988 tourlist, FZ played Helsinki on April 29, 1988 in stead of March 29.

  9. Tasty!

    Hmm: I think ol’ Bino was just plain tired of lyrics by 1988. He was actually never very keen on having them there right from the beginning … but ya gotta love that cover of “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” – why, that’s nothing BUT eyebrows!

    Lucky Finns!

  10. “Stratoblogster Says:
    I saw Wackerman last month at a Holdsworth gig.”

    Does he still play a little:

    at the start of EVERY song?

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