The Voice Of Cheese: James Davies

VOC #12! Featuring James Davies! You may know James as he is a loyal KUR regular. James sent in a YouTube movie because he’s not all that much into mixing and late-night basement-four-track-recording and such. I converted the movie to an audio track, entitled “Neurodegenerative Shuffle”. James says:

This is straight up, lo-fi webcam-core — no remixing or digital jiggy-wiggy to stand in the way of my nominal skills. Condemned to a dank limbo of perpetual improv by my own snotty insistence on remaining musically illiterate — & loving every minute of it. Woosh!

There’s nothing quite like this. Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

5 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: James Davies”

  1. Confused meandering faux-folk that even a hippie chick couldn’t love, this is plainly the worst-case-scenario output of a malevolent & diseased mind – why, I hear it even makes boils inside of your skull!

    ( … which is my unique way of saying: big fat steaming thanx to the mighty KUR rawk-juggernaut for this & yeah, sure, go to my telefunky YouTube 4T7 place –
    – if y’wanna see/hear even more silly arpeggio art-wankery … you can say you heard me back when I wasn’t a bonafide mutherphucker, or something. 36, 24, 30 – Hike! )

  2. Strangely appealing. Plenty of jiggy-wiggy going on, but more of the ‘server-side’ type rather than digital.

  3. Awwwwwwwww.

    Mmm – actually this’s downright TAME compared to the UberFylther setting: y’oughta hear it when BOTH the anti-echo & the background-noise scrubbing widget are on; like a tall cool glass of pure Hendrix a la RadioShack, baby!

    Oh, & lest I’ve led anyone to think I’m some acoustic-jihad purist, a few of my YouTube vid-blurts are either belched from the mighty megatronic 10-Watt Yamaha attached to my partially-functional electric — &/or were digitally spanked, tweaked & mutilated via Windows Movie Maker … yeah, heh heh, like I know what THAT’s supposed to look like.

    My KUR tune is happening on a Tuesday, JUST like 9/11 – coincidence?!?!

  4. All of the VOC selections have launched on a Tuesday… Of course it’s no coincidence.
    It’s also no coincidence that Barry selected you as #6 either, Jim.
    9 from 11 = 2, and that – times 3 – equals 6.
    Numerology, Bro, plain and simple…
    Ya gotta read between the notes.

    Interesting noodling, btw…

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