Edinburgh ’77

Requests? REQUESTS? I suppose you’ll be telling me that we do requests next as well, Barry? Yes, well, once is too much as far as I’m concerned mumble mumble floodgates grumble hrrrrmph… ok, I’m heading back down to the dungeons… yes, I know, bread and gruel for a week… pah humbug…

Seriously though folks…

Pretty standard show this. Which is not to be disparaging in any way. I can happily listen to Eddie Jobson’s Black Napkins violin solos from this tour all day long. All night too. I always think it’s a shame that those Zappafans out there who only know the official catalogue will never have heard the real Black Napkins, whether it features Napoleon’s sax, Eddie’s violin, or whatever.

Anyway, as the Bozzio/O’Hearn rhythm section happens to be my favourite from all of Frank’s touring bands, there’s plenty for the likes of me to enjoy here. And if you are still amused by the occasional Titties ‘n Beer after all these years (of course you are), then this particular version is a hoot (you know you’ve always wondered what Ruth Underwood really thinks about Frank’s penis). The show ends with Frank’s anti-British journo Chris Welch diatribe.

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  1. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Mea culpa… :)

    Enjoy, Neil Braynion, wherever you are!

  2. tjrael says:

    Something’s wrong – all the tracks are track 01 when downloading.

  3. Walter Loader-Rubbish says:

    As of 0910 hrs – the tracks are indeed all identical

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    D’oh! Fixed.

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Tisk, tisk…forget the Viagra, Barry? Just kidding…

  6. Duncan says:

    One day I will compile an amusing CDs worth of Americans trying to pronounce Edinburg :)

    Was it Anti Chris Welch or just some moderately amusing audience interaction.?

  7. timmo says:

    excellent show.. you’re right about black napkins, i’ve heard lots of versions of it live, but gotta say not much eddie jobson solos, he’s brilliant.

    jones crusher is funny to hear in its early incarnation!

  8. bernard says:

    By the way Edinburgh is a wonderful city to visit around Xmas. Been there, seen it.

  9. bernard says:

    BTW #2.

    Let’s be future oriented & forward looking.

    It doesn’ make much sense to look backwards.

    With one Big Exception : being atvistic, i e discovering the best from the past, deconstructing it for a better future.

    Have a look :


  10. BillyDaMt says:

    This friday boot, is my 305 show.
    I have been collecting shows since Aug of last year.
    It never ceases to amaze me that you continue to post great shows
    that I don’t already have.

    Thank you for this one
    That black napkins is epic!

  11. Magic Fingers says:

    You’re more than welcome. We try to please.
    Sounds like a nice (and fast-growing!) collection you’ve got there. But – trust me on this one – don’t bother trying to collect all 120+ (I gave up counting) 1984 shows. Life really is too short………

  12. narly smuttons says:


    In regards to the intro.

    Does anyone the name of the song in the intro. I’d like to get the CD its on.


  13. Dr Sharleena says:

    …don’t bother trying to collect all 120+ (I gave up counting) 1984 shows.

    But… then… are you by chance a completist?? :-)

  14. Magic Fingers says:

    These ugly rumours just won’t go away. How anyone could consider me a completist when I will never ever own all those wonderful 1984 shows is beyond me………. :o)

  15. Magic Fingers says:

    And why do my attempts at smiley faces always come out wrong!!!??? Hrrrrmph. Let’s try again: :)

  16. Magic Fingers says:

    Aha! Success. :) :) :)

  17. jonnybutter says:

    Does anyone the name of the song in the intro.

    It’s called ”Manx Needs Women’, a corruption of the title of a cheesy sci-fi movie called ‘MARS Needs Women’ (..’they’ll need to reproduce….with Richard Basehart..’).

  18. jonnybutter says:

    ARG! Upon reflection, I realise that I’m wrong about that. The song is actually called ‘The Purple Lagoon’ which was combined with ‘Aproximate’ on side four of the origiinal Zappa in NY album.

  19. urbangraffito says:

    Dr Sharleena — tell me, tell me…at what point does one cross the line from Zappa “freak” to “completist”? 100? 200? 300?

  20. Dr Sharleena says:

    It is not the size of your collection, it is the number of times a day you check your mail box waiting for a boot…

  21. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    It’s not the size of your collection, it’s what you do with it!

  22. Wannabeard says:

    Yes, the Black Napkins is indeed very good, and I also agree about the Bozzio/O’hearn rythm-section. So, thank you.
    I always liked Frank’s more melancholic sides, and it really shows on black napkins. Generally the violing-guitar “duets” or co-soli are really good, especially the Shankar/Zappa from “the Big One”.
    But I haven’t heard that much of Jobsons violin before. It’s good, I would like to get into it some more…

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