The Voice Of Cheese: Stanley Zappa

This week’s VOC (#7) features one Stanley J. Zappa, aka Carl’s nephew. The track he sent in is entitled Every King Of Cheese Needs His Queen. Stanley says:

Please enjoy this excerpt from a radio performance by the Leonard Skrowaczewski Zappa trio featuring Wyatt Doyle. Its release on the New Texture label is imminent.

On The Road meets Bird meets The Dangerous Kitchen — have a listen:

Like it? Download it.

4 Responses to “The Voice Of Cheese: Stanley Zappa”

  1. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Tho’ not a student of geneaology, this makes Stanley Bob Zappa’s son?
    (Carl’s Nephew minus Frank’s sons equals Bob’s Son)
    Cool track, regardless.

  2. jonnybutter says:

    What’s not to love?!

  3. jonnybutter says:

    mister polish, mister polish, mister polish…

  4. Ryan says:

    This is a very nice one indeed. No need to get into specifics, but the kid’s got something.