Britain, Britain, Britain

A layman’s guide to Britain:

People who don’t live in London are called “provincials”, and are not allowed to meet the Queen or get married. Their suicide rate is high.

4 Responses to “Britain, Britain, Britain”

  1. bernard says:

    More layman’s guide .


    A boob, yes. : ” The Isles – a History” prof. Norman Davies

    +/- a 1000 pages.

    Worth the effort.

  2. bernard says:

    It’s a booK, not a booB, right.

    Just have a look :

    For folks out there who would like to know more about Europe, there’s his excellent paperback called ” Europe”.

  3. Tilly2222 says:

    That’s brilliant!

    (From someone who lives in Croydon, Surrey, England ;o) )

  4. Frank B. says:

    Its a continent where they kick rock-musicians from stage, and later on no excuses, only shame for the humilated musicans.And if
    there is a footballgame outside of GreatBritain they can show how they
    realy are. So what can we expect? Happy not to live there. Best regards Frank B.

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