Philly ’88 Soundcheck

Via Bernard, who stumbled upon it at The Central Scrutinizer, who found it on Scott Thunes’ site:

I have a sneaking suspicion the guy who posted this on YouTube (wesbroadway) reads KUR. If so: full circle!

6 Responses to “Philly ’88 Soundcheck”

  1. urbangraffito says:

    Ich bin hier und du bist mein sofa!

  2. LRonHoover says:

    haha indeed i have posted that video. check my youtube stuff at !!! kind regards to all you people! there’s a sicko concert from sweden in ’73 also under my videos. AND i just saw ray white last weekend playing here in lonely ol’ Bozeman, Montana, with The Willie Waldman Project. have video, sounds quality is awful though, so don’t hold your breath anyone. BUT if you live in the western US you should keep an ear to the ground for those guys.

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    So then Wes, unless you are Scott Thunes, is what you posted a copy of Scott’s original YouTube posting?

  4. Birdman! says:

    The video is in about 10 parts. Listen to the guitar warmup parts 2 or more at the sametime for xenochronous Zappa guitar orchestration.

  5. LRonHoover says:

    i indeed uplaoded that video myself, as you can tell by the “squeezed” effect of the video. i F’d it up or something when i hacked up the whole soundcheck into parts of acceptable size to YouTube. other than that, i can claim no credit whatsoever, i simply poached it, chopped it up, then uploaded it myself… same with the sweden show. if anyone is interested, the original sweden segments are on my site at as .mpg files. funnily enough, the .mpg’s i made don’t exhibit the squeezed look. only occurred after UL’ing to youtube.

  6. jim says:

    OOOO. More scrumptious arcana-warmuppa … & from that dance sequence i fancy FZ did not go to Julliard …

    … & YAAA! Viva Birdman!-person for scoring one for Team Neuron via inciting spontaneous xenochronic activities! Computers are heinously useful for re-creating either dull-into-keen or keen-into-WTF (… got to say i be just a tad disappointed with the cueing velocity of my space-key though).

    Go on, try out what he said — leap off that uni-window compound into the lush Jungle of Weerdnyss & mutate some stuff ……………… no, really ……… it am FUN!

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