D*wnl*ad: N*rth Central C*llege, Naperville, ’74

Y*u might have already n*ticed this *ne at frankzappa.at. With James “Bird Legs” Y*uman *n bass and T*m F*wler as the “Mistery P*inter”. *h Atlantis.

5 Responses to “D*wnl*ad: N*rth Central C*llege, Naperville, ’74”

  1. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    (Coke. Keyboard. The “o” key. Spill. Make sentence.)

  2. Ryan says:

    Barry, you know better than to use drugs.

  3. Wannabeard says:

    Why is Bird Legs’ bass so dominant in this mix? He is clearly unable to play many of the songs as well as Tom Fowler. Obviously on the fast part of RDNZL, but he also seem to be new to the song ” Stinkfoot”

  4. BillyDaMt says:

    Thanks for the link
    big strange mix and all.
    I love the 74 band!

  5. Bálint says:

    The Fzshows homepage says it’s a soundboard recording, also noting that “Strange mix, with Bird Legs’ bass mixed way up front” – who knows why? Maybe the recording was made to “listen to that new guy carefully”?… Or: it might simply be a wrong recording. :-)

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